Top Quality Legal Advice for Your Florida Business

At Michael L. Feinstein, P.A., we provide sophisticated counsel to corporate and other businesses throughout the State of Florida. We work with businesses at all stages of development to ensure that business owners’ rights are protected and that business owners make legal decisions that are in their best interests.

In the initial stages, we counsel business clients on the advantage of the different business forms and help them select the form that meets their needs. Some people make the decision for tax reasons and others for liability reasons. In any case, our attorneys are here to advise you of the advantages and disadvantages of both, and together we can help meet your goals, desires and objectives. Our attorneys can set up:

    • Sole Proprietorships
    • General and Limited Partnerships
    • Subchapter S or C Corporations
    • Non-profit Corporations
    • Limited Liability Enterprises (LLCs and LLPs)


Once a client selects a business form, we prepare and file all the necessary documents to establish the business as a legal entity under the laws of the state. Our attorneys do more than merely file your Articles of Incorporation, we can:

    • Prepare your Organizational Minutes
    • Issue Your Stock
    • Prepare the Necessary Corporate Resolutions
    • Help Protect Your Personal Assets from Corporate Obligations
    • Advise Whether or Not You Need Insurance and If so What You Need
    • Advise and Prepare Any Type of Business-Related Agreement or Contract Your Business Might Need, and Review Existing Contracts and Agreements Your Business May Enter Into and Draft All Types of Commercial Contracts, Including:
      • Sales and Marketing Agreements
      • Acquisitions
      • Joint Ventures
      • Employment Contracts
      • Agency Agreements
      • Confidentiality Agreements
      • Shareholder Agreements
      • Distribution Agreements
      • Property and Equipment Leases
      • Financing and Investment Contracts
      • Stockholder Agreements
      • Prepare Covenants of Non-Competition and Other Restrictive Covenants, so officers and key personnel do not later take employment with the competition or become your competition and compromise what you have worked so hard to achieve.


Once your business is established, we are available to help you maintain your business in good standing, the way the law requires you to do. We can prepare all annual fillings required to maintain a business in good standing. If you ask, we will:

    • Advise on the Maintenance of Corporate Records, including:
      • minute books
      • stock ledgers
      • other requirements
    • Prepare Your Annual Minutes and Documents
    • Remind You To Hold Annual Meetings
    • Maintain Your Corporate Books
    • Advise How to Conduct Your Business Like a Corporation


When it comes to your employees we help you learn, legally, how to:

  • Hire
  • Manage
  • Compensate
  • Discipline
  • Fire


In addition, we advise clients regarding any type of business transaction, including:

  • Asset Sales and Purchases
  • Stock Sales and Purchases
  • Partnership Dissolution