Types Of Cases Our Fort Lauderdale Contract Lawyers Handle

The Fort Lauderdale law firm of Michael L. Feinstein, P.A. has represented businesses and individuals in negotiating, drafting, reviewing and litigating contract matters. These agreements have included contracts for the sale and purchase of goods and services, contracts to provide goods and services, contracts regarding the sale and purchase of real estate, real estate broker listing agreements, contracts for the sale or purchase of a business, contracts for the joint ownership of a business, commercial leases, residential leases, agency agreements, consulting contracts, security agreements, loan agreements, independent contractors agreements, employment agreements and construction contracts.

Our Fort Lauderdale contract lawyers can assist with negotiating, drafting, reviewing and litigating business contractual issues. Retaining an experienced contract lawyer can prevent numerous problems down the road and can help you better understand various aspects of your business. Please contact the legal team at Michael L. Feinstein, P.A. with any contract questions or to schedule an initial consultation.

Background About Contract Law

Contract law governs oral and written agreements for goods and services, money and property. It involves a legally binding agreement between parties to do or not do something. A legally enforceable contract requires an offer, an acceptance and consideration. Generally, there are two primary sources of contract law which include common law (court made case law) and the Uniform Commercial Code. Also, certain areas of contract law may be governed by specific statutes.

The marketplace depends on these voluntary agreements called contracts and has legal consequences for the two parties involved in the agreement. The purpose of a contract is to establish the conditions, rights and duties which the two parties agree to be bound by. A valid contract will be enforced by a court according to the terms and conditions clearly set forth in the contract.

Consumers and businesses enter into these agreements daily. Contracts by competent persons, fairly made, are usually valid and enforceable; however, parties cannot form a contract for an illegal or impossible act. The parties to the contract will generally be bound by the terms of the contract unless the contract was procured through fraud, violence, or undue influence to sign the contract. When a party signs a standardized contract which is printed in fine print on numerous pages, the parties are agreeing to be bound by each term and condition in the contract whether the parties have read all the terms and conditions. Even a standardized contract can be modified if you have not yet signed it, so that the contract meets your specific needs and expectations.

Many disputes arise out of a misunderstanding between the parties or a failure to communicate. The key to minimizing future lawsuits and commercial disputes is careful contract drafting. Oral contracts and poorly drafted contracts often result in disputes involving different interpretation or even disingenuous claims of varying interpretation. Business disputes often involve allegations for a breach of a contract. Where one party does not perform according to the terms of a contract, that party is said to be in breach of the contract.

Please contact the Fort Lauderdale based contract lawyers at Michael L. Feinstein, P.A. to learn more about our practice and to discuss any contract issues.