Fort Lauderdale Corporate Litigation Attorneys For Business And Complex Commercial Transactions

The tasks of litigation attorneys are diverse and vary based on the nature of the lawsuit. If you are involved in a legal dispute, taking it to court may be the best option in resolving the matter. At the Fort Lauderdale based office of Michal L. Feinstein, P.A., our attorneys handle all steps of the litigation process in both business and complex commercial litigation transactions as well as in the following areas:

  • Antitrust
  • Class Action
  • Breach of Contract
  • Director and Officer Liability
  • Breach of Fiduciary Duty
  • Trusts and Estates Litigation
  • Fraud
  • Tortious Interference with Contract and/or Business Relationship
  • Unfair Competition
  • Shareholder Disputes
  • Covenants Not to Compete and/or Non-Compete Agreements
  • Construction and Real Estate Disputes
  • Brokerage Disputes
  • Contract Disputes
  • Commercial Collections
  • Employment Disputes
  • Financing
  • Investment Disputes
  • Intellectual Property
  • Partnership Disputes
  • Purchase or Sale of Business
  • Shareholder Derivative Actions
  • Uniform Commercial Code (U.C.C.) Issues

Background on Litigation

Litigation is the process of taking a case through the public court system and can be a criminal or civil matter. Generally in civil litigation the attorney must determine if a potential suit has enough evidence to become a lawsuit and the causes of action that exist. Before a lawsuit is filed, settlement discussion often occur to try and resolve the issue as litigation can be time consuming and costly. If this does not result in a settlement, a series of steps are taken throughout the course of litigation.

Civil Litigation Steps

While the course and scope of litigation can vary widely, these are several steps that commonly occur. First, a complaint which states what is alleged against the defendant(s), is filed with the Clerk of the Court. Next, the parties may meet to confer with each other to discuss the issues and the possibility of settlement. If no settlement is reached, the Plaintiff usually begins the discovery process, which generally involves sending questions that seek information about the dispute at hand and/or requesting documents for review. The discovery process may take anywhere from a few weeks to a few years. After discovery is completed by both parties, many courts require the parties to attend a settlement conference or a pre-trial conference to determine if the case may be resolved or if a trial is necessary.

During a trial, both sides are given the opportunity to present evidence to support their case. Once the trial ends and a final decision is made, the litigation typically concludes. The prevailing party collects and a satisfaction of judgment is filed with the trial court. Once the final decision has been made, the losing party may appeal the decision within a certain amount of time. If appellate relief is sought, the appellate court will review the arguments to determine if the proceedings were conducted correctly by the trial court.

Michael L. Feinstein, P.A. approaches commercial litigation as a business matter by considering all options, providing our clients with creative legal strategies and with various approaches. Our firm handles both Plaintiff’s and Defendant’s cases. Our Fort Lauderdale litigation lawyers serve the needs of the South Florida Business communities, and individuals, by providing extraordinary legal services based on our experience and client service.