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$250M Lawsuit Filed for Use of Underwater Land Cables in Pompano Beach

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Hillsboro Inlet is a small waterway that sits on the East edge of Pompano Beach, right on the shore of the Atlantic ocean. It’s a popular place for boaters who live nearby to dock and provides easy access to both the Southern Atlantic coastline and downtown Pompano Beach. 

The Plaintiff’s Claim 

Recently, a company by the name of South Spanish Trail LLC and owned by a man called William Swaim, alleged that it owns portions of the Hillsboro Inlet. This includes many parts of the already-established personal properties of residents, as well as some of the land underwater. South Spanish Trail LLC’s claim seeks to establish land use rights. 

The Lawsuit 

The $250M lawsuit filed by Swaim’s property development company names multiple defendants, including large companies who have cables buried deep underwater in the Hillsboro Inlet. 

Marty Kiar, the property appraiser for Broward County, has filed a motion of clarification to compel a judge to review the seriousness of the claim and the legal ramifications should the plaintiff win their case. If Swaim’s company does succeed, residents will no longer have ownership over property in their own backyards. 

In one case, a resident’s pool would no longer be their own property, and Swaim’s company could charge for the use of the land. This is exactly the situation another resident is in with his dock after receiving legal notification that he would need to pay $150,000 annually to use the dock on property he’s owned for 38 years. 

What You Should Know About Land Use Lawsuits 

Land use lawsuits can be used to resolve a multitude of real estate litigation issues, such as when two parties have juxtaposing views of who owns a particular piece of property or who have a disagreement about how land is being used. 

Land use laws in Florida are often complex and difficult to understand, making it critical to have a knowledgable lawyer in your corner if you find yourself in a land use or property ownership disagreement. 

When to Contact an Experienced Florida Real Estate Litigation Attorney 

If you’re involved in a complicated real estate or land use dispute, it’s important that you have a seasoned litigation lawyer on your side who can zealously advocate for your best interests and a positive outcome. 

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By : admin | March 28, 2021 | Lawsuits