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$6M Palazzo Villa Condo Sells After 2 Years of Real Estate Litigation

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After two years of contentious real estate litigation, the last of four Palazzo Villa condos in Palm Beach was sold for $6 million. 219 Brazilian Ave. in Midtown now belongs to a Florida limited liability company called 219 Brazilian LLC. 

A Real Estate Lawsuit Dating Back to January 2018

In January 2018, Palm Beach couple Robert and Francine Green brought a lawsuit against four companies: three of them related to ARCA U.S. Holding Corp. and the fourth, Palazzo Villas of Palm Beach Development, Inc. 

The Greens alleged that Palazzo Villas breached their contract after the couple put down a $1.4 million deposit for the condo at 219 Brazilian Ave., listed for sale in May 2016 for $7.195 million. 

In the real estate lawsuit, the Greens stated that Palazzo Villas failed to deliver the condo as promised in the contract and additionally did not refund their deposit. 

Palazzo Villas denied the allegations and countersued the Greens. Litigation continued for two years until a settlement was finally reached. 

A Confidential Settlement 

In December 2020, the claim was resolved by Palm Beach County Circuit judge James L. Martz, with neither party the winner. 

The settlement itself remained confidential, however, both the Greens’ lawsuit and the countersuit against them by Palazzo Villas were dismissed and each party is responsible for their own legal expenses. It is unclear whether the Greens were reimbursed for their $1.4 million deposit. 

It also remains unknown if the Greens did end up being the purchasers of the property through a company called 219 Brazilian LLC. The condo was sold off-market at the end of December for just $6.05 million. 

Involved in Real Estate Litigation? Feinstein Law Can Help 

Real estate litigation can be complex and drag on for months or even years, like Green vs. Palazzo Villas. It’s crucial that you have an aggressive litigator on your side who is comfortable in the courtroom and can zealously represent your best interests. Regardless of which side of the case you are on, our team can provide you with the smart legal strategies you need for success. 

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By : admin | December 27, 2020 | Construction Litigation