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The Admiralty and maritime laws regulate accidents and injuries of seamen (a.k.a. crew members) and passengers on ships, yachts and recreational boats. The firm of Michael L. Feinstein, P.A., offers representation to boat manufacturers, boat mechanics, ship yards, yacht owners, ship passengers, cruise lines and their insurers throughout the United States.

How Does The Jones Act Benefit Injured Seamen?

The Jones Act is a maritime law passed by Congress to protect seamen who work on ships, offshore oil rigs, or other sea-going vessels such as barges, fishing boats and riverboats.

Under this act, a seaman and/or his family is entitled to recover damages if the seaman is:

  • Injured during employment
  • Injured due to negligence or defective equipment
  • Killed because of negligence or defective equipment

The federal courts have found that the term seaman extends to anyone who is employed on vessels engaged in commerce or trade and whose duties are rendered to assist in the main objective of the voyage. The Jones Act can also cover offshore workers, inland river workers, divers and underwater personnel.

Our Admiralty And Maritime Law Services

The firm of Michael L. Feinstein, P.A., will represent clients in cases involving:

  • Admiralty law
  • Commercial transportation
  • Maritime insurance
  • Personal injuries occurring on vessels
  • Recovery of salvage award
  • Seaman's actions against their employers
  • Defense of vessel owners against lawsuits by third parties
  • Actions by the state or federal government against vessel owners
  • Breach of commercial shipping agreements and contracts

If you think you have an admiralty or maritime law case, it is very important that you contact us, right away, since the statute of limitations is three years for a maritime law injury suit by a seaman.

Understanding Salvage Rights

If someone locates a vessel (modern or very old) which is lost, abandoned or is in immediate danger and some type of service can be provided that helps save the vessel or assists in recover of the lost or abandoned property, then the individual responsible for that activity may be worthy of a substantial salvage award (up to 100 percent of the value of the items saved). If you feel you are entitled to such an award, contact us.

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