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Contract disputes can stem from unhappy customers

Running any type of company is not easy. There are company-related matters to address, employees to keep on track, customers to keep happy and much more. Unfortunately, not all customers and clients are happy with companies, and if they believe that a business has not fulfilled its side of a deal, contract disputes could arise.

Florida residents may be interested in a breach of contract claim that has turned into a class action lawsuit. According to reports, one man claims that an auto insurance company has breached the contract he had with the company by not providing him with the proper payout in accordance with his insurance policy. The man apparently was involved in a car accident that resulted in his vehicle being totaled, and he believes that the insurance company did not pay the full amount of his policy, in breach of the contract between them.

How can creditors attempt to collect on past-due balances?

When a person buys something on credit, the expectation is that person will pay it off over time according to the terms of the agreement. When that person fails to meet his or her financial obligations and does not pay on time or at all, there are legal options available to the creditor. A Florida company owed money has the right to take certain actions that will hopefully compel the debtor to pay. 

Sometimes, it is necessary to get an attorney involved in the process of collecting on debt. As a creditor, you may need external support to protect your rights and fully engage in the process of collecting money owed to you. You may also benefit from having assistance in the process of negotiating a fair deal when a debtor is unable to pay in full.

Will construction litigation stem from 1 of 3 common contracts?

Most South Florida general contractors know that their best marketing strategy is to do good work. Making quality structures for clients may bring in more business than any advertisement ever will. However, the business gained through word of mouth does not mean contractors will forgo payment for their services. When payment problems or other issues arise, the construction litigation that may follow will most likely stem from one of three common contracts used in the industry.

Some contractors favor a cost plus contract. This agreement needs to specify information regarding the payment of the contractor's profit and overhead. This type of contract involves payment of purchases, actual costs and other expenses stemming directly from the construction project.

A basic understanding of class action lawsuits

When a consumer product causes you harm or a company acts in a way that results in loss, what can a person do? How is it possible to hold major corporations accountable when you are just one person? Thankfully, there may be a path to justice available to you through a class action lawsuit.

A class action lawsuit is a form of legal recourse in which many plaintiffs join together against the liable party because it would be impractical and ineffective for a consumer to take on a company alone. The plaintiffs are people in Florida and beyond who suffered in similar ways because of the same issue or problem. These are complex cases, and if you think you may have a case because of a defective product, you may want to learn more about what it takes to join a class action suit. 

McDonald's facing business litigation over alleged discrimination

Most major companies are no stranger to lawsuits. Still, the fact that they have faced them before and will likely face them again does not make them any easier to handle. In any case, a company could suffer because of the claims of others, and business litigation can be time consuming, costly and difficult to handle for any type of claim.

Florida readers may be interested in a lawsuit that was recently filed against McDonald's. According to reports, two African American executives have filed a discrimination lawsuit against the company, indicating that they faced a hostile work environment and were treated unfairly due to their race. The two workers had once been vice president of the company, but they were both demoted to senior directors when corporate restructuring took place in 2018. The workers believe that it was a direct attempt to remove African American workers from senior ranks.

Ring, Amazon facing business litigation over security systems

When something with a product goes wrong or unexpectedly, many consumers blame the company. Unfortunately, if a number of incidents occur in which a product does not act as consumers believed it would, business litigation could ensue. In some cases, companies may need to defend against the allegations made against them and their products.

Florida readers may be interested in a federal lawsuit recently filed against Ring and Amazon. Amazon is the parent company of Ring, which provides security cameras and other security products to customers. However, claims indicate that the products are less than secure as hackers have been able to access multiple cameras in different areas and speak through the systems. In multiple cases, children had reportedly been watched and spoken to by hackers through the security systems.

Problems with construction project design can lead to defects

A construction project is really only as good as its original design plans, quality of materials used and level of workmanship used to build it. Defects in a project are more than an inconvenience. Problems, even ones that don't seem like a big deal initially, can cost you a significant amount of time, money and stress.

It's not always easy to pinpoint the source and cause of a construction defect. If you are dealing with issues with a project, you know there is money and valuable time at stake, which is why you may find it helpful to rely on the support of an experienced legal professional to help you resolve this issue. If there is reason to pursue legal recourse, you do not have to navigate this process alone.

EPA offers support to Bayer during Roundup appeals

Facing a lawsuit from consumers can be a major blow to companies. Even more significant is if the court does not rule in favor of the company. As a result, business owners may either have to handle the repercussions of the court's ruling or follow up with appeals. In some cases, appealing a negative outcome could have benefits.

Florida readers may be interested in Bayer's attempts to appeal the outcomes of lawsuits brought against the company. The claims relate to Roundup, a weed-killing product manufactured by Bayer, causing cancer in its users. Currently, as the result of a previous court ruling, Bayer is set to remit $25 million in a case brought by a man who claimed that his cancer resulted from Roundup use. The amount of the award was reduced by a judge, but the overall ruling that the product was defective because it did not provide a cancer warning was upheld.

Issue with structure leads to construction litigation

Construction projects can be complicated. Individuals wanting the project completed can have specific requests, and construction companies often do their best to manage those requests. However, construction litigation can take place if one or both parties involved in the project feel that the endeavor did not go to plan.

It was recently reported that a construction contractor and a Florida county are filing lawsuits against each other. Apparently, the contractor was hired to build a shooting range for the sheriff's office. The contractor claims that the county did not provide a final payment of $650,000 and breached the contract involved with the project. The contractor also indicated that there was an issue in the construction design, and the county rejected two proposals made by the contractor to fix the issue.

Despite settlement, TikTok faces class action litigation

Successful companies often have products or services used by millions of people. When a brand has such an extensive reach, it is common for some of those clients, customers or users to find issue with what the company is offering or how it is operating. In some cases, companies could face class action litigation if concern over the issue is significant.

Florida readers may be interested in class action lawsuit recently filed against TikTok. The company has faced allegations of violating the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act, and last year, the company settled those allegations with the Federal Trade Commission for $5.7 million. However, this new class action suit claims that the company did not do enough to make amends to those who were affected by the alleged violations.

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