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Business litigation underway involving Tinder owners

Business owners know that they will likely face conflicts in some form or another. Issues can arise with clients, customers, partners or current or former employees. Depending on the specific complaint, business litigation may take place in order to address the problem. As a result, business owners may have a difficult time ahead of them.

Florida readers may be interested in a lawsuit that was recently filed in another state against the companies that own the dating app Tinder. Several current and former Tinder employees filed the suit against Match Group and InterActiveCorp because they believe that the companies provided a low valuation of Tinder that resulted in the value of the stocks the employees held being reduced. After IAC's merger with Match Group, the employees claim that they were also left with less valuable stock options.

A severance package can protect your business

One of the most distasteful jobs of a manager is terminating employees. Because there is always the potential for legal backlash, you probably tread very carefully when considering letting someone go. In fact, you may have employees on your staff who really should be fired except for your reluctance to deal with the legal possibilities.

Many companies use severance packages to protect themselves from litigation that may arise if an employee feels wronged by the termination. Severance packages are effective tools for preserving the reputation of your company and protecting yourself from legal action.

Laid-off workers move forward with class action litigation

When a considerable number of people are affected by a single issue, it is possible that they may all have reason to take legal action against the offending party. However, rather than filing multiple lawsuits for each affected person, class action litigation is often utilized. These cases typically involve one person representing the group, or class, and a single lawsuit moving forward.

Florida readers may be interested in a class action lawsuit that was recently filed in another state. Reports indicated that the issue involved the laying off of approximately 230 workers from a candy plant. The workers believe that their employer did not follow the proper federal protocols relating to layoffs. Because of this violation, two individuals filed the lawsuit on behalf of the other workers.

Do you need an attorney when going through mediation?

Owning a business or multiple businesses in Florida means that you are a busy person. You have to make important decisions every day that can affect the way your businesses operate. As a result, you undoubtedly do not feel that you have time to go through complicated litigation to resolve issues that may arise with your companies.

Fortunately, alternative dispute resolution methods like mediation allow you and the other parties involved to come to terms in an amicable - and less costly - manner. But the question remains: do you still need an attorney if resolving disputes through mediation?

Overbilling leads to class action litigation

There are instances in which many people can be affected by a single related issue. When the problem results in those individuals suffering damages, there may be reason for the affected parties to seek compensation. This type of situation may warrant class action litigation in order for the issue to be addressed for those who have suffered damages.

Florida readers may want to learn more about a class action lawsuit currently underway in another state. Apparently, approximately 300,000 power company customers were affected by overbilling by the company last year. Reports indicated that customers' bills increased by 400 percent and many received notices that their services would be cut off in the middle of winter. A spokeswoman for the company stated that they had not been able to find any system issues that may have contributed to the overbilling.

Administrative law is often a mystery to many people

During the course of your business, you will more than likely come into contact with one or more federal or Florida agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency or the Occupational Safety and Health Administration whose responsibilities are to enforce rules and regulations. If you end up dealing with these agencies, you may find yourself needing to engage in the administrative law process.

This process is different from ordinary civil courts, but even among agencies, differences exist. Due to the sheer number of agencies, you may discover that each agency has its own administrative processes to handle the enforcement of rules and regulations and the resolution of disputes.

Do you have the right contingencies in your real estate contract?

You may spend a significant amount of time looking for the right property. Once you find it, you will go through the due diligence process to ensure that you are getting what you pay for. Before you can begin that process, you will enter into a real estate contract with the seller.

What if something goes wrong and you either can't or won't complete the transaction? You have a binding contract with the seller, after all. This is where contingencies come into play. Contingencies are stipulations that allow you to back out of the deal without penalty.

Mishandled projects could lead to construction litigation

Construction projects are often important for business growth. Some companies may have new ventures that need buildings to operate out of, and other businesses may simply need additional structures to further their existing operations. Whatever the case may be, issues with such a project can prove frustrating and costly, and it is not unusual for construction litigation to take place in efforts to come to a resolution.

Florida residents may be interested in this type of problem occurring in another state. Reports indicated that a company had hired a general contractor to build a hotel tower to act as an attraction due to its association with a professional basketball team, but also contains condos and hotel rooms with extra long beds for basketball players. However, the issue surrounding the tower involves budget estimates going nearly $50 million over original estimates and the fact that the building is open but not yet complete.

Change orders are an unfortunate necessity

Winning a contract for a large project is both exhilarating and intimidating. There is much to plan before you move a single piece of equipment to the site. You and the owner of the project must discuss the plans, specs and drawings and then draft a thorough contract that encompasses as many contingencies as possible.

However, it is the nature of the game that something invariably comes up to throw the project off schedule. In some cases, you have no control. Florida weather can be unpredictable, and there are other areas of risk management you cannot always foresee. When circumstances require critical changes in the contract, a change order request is the best way to protect yourself from a lawsuit.

Class action litigation may be necessary when hundreds suffer

When many people are negatively affected by the same event or issue, there may be a collective need to seek justice. In such cases, it is not unusual for class action litigation to take place if numerous people have suffered due to the negligence or other actions of a person or entity. When successful, litigation can help these parties receive recompense for allowable damages.

Florida readers may be interested in such a lawsuit recently filed in another state. Reports indicated that approximately 700 people are involved in the class action suit filed against a poultry processing company in the area. Apparently, the issue at hand relates to water contamination that the plant has caused in the area. Drinking water from wells in the community have reportedly been impacted by wastewater violations on the part of the company.

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