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Business lawsuits: Tesla facing claims of negligence

When a person suffers serious harm and it is believed that a product contributed to that harm, it is possible that companies could face legal issues. When lawsuits regarding product liability or other similar stances are filed against businesses in Florida or elsewhere, they need to explore their defense options. These lawsuits can have major impacts on brands.

It was recently reported that electric car company Tesla is at the center of the lawsuit filed by the parents of a teenager who was killed while riding one of the company's vehicles. Reports stated that the vehicle was involved in a crash after the 18-year-old driver lost control while traveling 116 mph in a 25 mph zone. The driver reportedly moved into the left lane in an attempt to pass another vehicle and lost control when trying to maneuver back into the right lane. The vehicle then struck a wall and caught fire, which reportedly resulted due to an issue with the battery. at center of class action litigation

It is common for customers and potential customers to find issues with certain ways in which companies do business. In some cases, the issues could potentially affect a considerable number of people, and if the alleged problem is significant enough, class action litigation could result. If so, companies will need to determine the best way to handle such lawsuits.

Florida readers may be interested in a class action lawsuit that was recently filed in another state. According to reports, the lawsuit was filed against Parkwood Entertainment, which is a company owned by Beyonce Knowles. The suit claims that the company's website discriminates against individuals with visual impairments because the site does not provide any alternative text, or alt-text, to go along with elements of the website. This alt-text is often helpful to visually impaired individuals because it provides descriptions of images or elements that can be read to them.

4 violations of a non-solicitation agreement

You take care in selecting and training your employees, so when one of them leaves your company – whether by your choice or your employee's – you may find it upsetting and frustrating. Additionally, you may have spent years building a solid list of clients based on your company's integrity and skill. To lose a customer is a personal matter, and it may result in a review of your policies or time-consuming efforts to win the customer back.

When these problems occur together, you may see your business falter. You will spend valuable time and company resources to fix the problem, and the reputation of your business may suffer. If you discover that a former employee is luring away your staff and your customers, you may have a serious matter to deal with.

Construction litigation underway surrounding homeless shelter

When new buildings and establishments are planned for an area in Florida or elsewhere, it is important that many factors about the area are taken into consideration. If the residents of the area are not pleased with the proposed plans, it is possible that construction litigation could take place. As a result, projects could be put on hold for some time.

It was recently reported that construction on a proposed homeless shelter in another state has been halted due to a lawsuit surrounding the project. Apparently, the shelter would be housed in a former hotel that would be renovated for the shelter purposes. However, the building is in an affluent part of the city, and there is concern that having a homeless shelter in the area would cause harm to land values and present safety issues.

How strong employee contracts can protect your business

Many Florida businesses find that employee contracts are a smart and practical way to protect their interests regarding their employee relationships. If your company does not use contracts for employees, it is possible that you face an increased chance of litigation and complications. You may need to consider how these types of business contracts can be a smart way to protect your interests.

Not every employment situation requires a contract, but you will find it beneficial to consider all of the positive aspects and potential drawbacks for your company. One of the main benefits to having employment contracts is that it clearly outlines expectations for both sides. This can significantly reduce your chance of problems with employees in the future. 

Get that construction contract right to avoid litigation

The owner of the property has a vision of what the finished product will look like. The general contractor tries to keep those expectations realistic while being accommodating. If it was just these two parties, things might go smoothly, but it rarely is just two parties involved in a construction contract.

Most of these contracts include subcontractors, architects, engineers and others. Negotiating a construction contract requires bringing everyone involved to a consensus about how the project will progress. 

Business litigation involving Spotify comes to a settlement

Certain companies may not take the correct steps to ensure that they have received the necessary permissions to use a product. In such cases, the companies that own the rights to those products may suffer damages. As a result, those businesses that suffer may choose to move forward with business litigation in order to seek compensation for resulting damages.

Florida readers may be interested in a lawsuit between Spotify and Wixen Music Publishing. Spotify is a music streaming service that allows individuals to listen to millions of songs through various means. However, Wixen claims that Spotify did not have the correct licensing to use certain songs by artists that the publishing company represents, like Neil Young and Tom Petty. Wixen also asserted that Spotify did not provide proper compensation for the use of those songs.

Full disclosure: What do you know about the home you are buying?

Purchasing a new home is no simple undertaking. You may spend the better part of a year searching your preferred neighborhoods, viewing houses and going through the many phases of a real estate transaction before you load your boxes and furniture onto a truck and move in.

One of the critical factors in your decision to buy a home is the condition of the house. You hire a home inspector who can tell you what he or she sees after spending an afternoon in the house. If there are serious problems with the home or property, those issues may only manifest themselves after weeks or months of living there. This is why a disclosure from the seller is critical.

Do you qualify for compensation under the Jones Act?

Whether working on a ship was your dream or you fell into the seafaring life, you spend a good portion of your working life on the water. While you do what you can to avoid hazards that could cause you injury, it's possible your luck could run out one day.

If that happens, you won't qualify for workers' compensation benefits like Florida residents who work on land. Instead, you pursue compensation through either the Jones Act or the Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act. How much time you spend on the water makes the determination.

Unpaid bills may lead to business litigation

Businesses often have to work with suppliers, manufacturers and other vendors in order to keep their operations going. These business relationships are often beneficial for parties on both sides, but they do not always remain that way. In fact, some companies may fall behind or even refuse to pay their outstanding bills, and a vendor may have to move forward with business litigation in hopes of receiving compensation.

Miami readers may be interested in such a lawsuit recently underway that a clothing supplier has filed against LulaRoe. LulaRoe is a marketing company that sells women's clothing and allows independent retailers to sell from their websites. However, one of the company's clothing suppliers claims that LulaRoe has accumulated seven month's worth of unpaid bills, which they claim total approximately $49 million.

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