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Northwest Miami retail center to be the largest in the U.S.

Online shopping has changed the paradigm of shopping in America. Over the last five years, brick and mortar retailers have continued to lose ground to web retailers. Since websites like Zappos, Zulilly and MTailor continue to gain market share, and Amazon continues to devour traditional retailers, going to a traditional mall seemed more difficult than making a few clicks on a tablet to get the same thing.

However, just when you thought malls and indoor shopping centers were dying a slow death, it appears that one new mall is poised to buck the trend. Miami-Dade County Commissioners voted to approve funding for American Dream Miami, a $4 billion shopping and entertainment complex near Miami International Airport. 

Alternatives to time-consuming and expensive litigation

Once you open your business here in south Florida, the odds are that at some point, you will end up in a dispute with another business, an employee or a customer. In many cases, you may be able to resolve the dispute in a friendly manner such as in the case of a misunderstanding or mix-up regarding the products or services your business agreed to provide, or that you were to receive.

When friendly phone calls, meetings or emails fail to resolve the issue, you may find yourself in a contentious situation that could easily degrade into litigation if you aren't careful. Even when you end up being on the right side of the matter, airing your dispute in a courtroom could cause unintended consequences to your business. Fortunately, other avenues of resolving your dispute are available.

Strong contracts are good for your Florida business

If you own a small business in Florida, you know how important it is to address certain legal issues before they become a problem. There is much more involved with running a small business than finding a storefront and simply opening up shop. One of the most important factors for your consideration is drafting and securing strong contracts.

Business contracts are the lifeblood of many business relationships and contacts. These legally binding agreements are important for all parties to know their rights and their obligations, and when worded well, a contract can shield you from financial harm. It is beneficial for you to know how to draft strong contracts, thereby avoiding unnecessary legal and financial complications.

Does creating a non-compete agreement suit company interests?

Running a business can take up a large part of an owner's life. Because of this, you certainly want to do your best to ensure that no unnecessary hardships befall your company. Many owners have this goal, and you may be among those who choose to use certain contracts to help keep business relationships clear and to protect company interests.

One type of contract you may feel compelled to create is a non-compete agreement. This document could make sure that your employees cannot work for a competitor or create their own competing business for a certain amount of time after ending employment with your company. However, in order for this type of agreement to be enforceable, you must use the correct terms.

What are the pros and cons of various business structures?

You have finally reached the point in your life where you decide to move forward with starting your own company. You may feel exhilarated and anxious to get started on creating your new future. Of course, you will need to make numerous decisions before you come close to opening the doors of your new company.

One major decision you will need to make relates to the type of business entity you want to create. In particular, four main types of business structures exist, and each has its pros and cons. Therefore, you may want to explore these structures closely and determine what entity may work for your goals, company ideals and other factors.

What are you legal options when an invoice goes unpaid?

Regardless of the type of business you run, the odds are that you are in it to make a profit. You provide goods or services to your customers in exchange for payment. While this contractual arrangement seems simple enough, when a customer fails to keep up his or her end of the bargain, things can become complicated. You need to take swift action to collect fair payment.

If you determine that your customer is either unwilling or unable to pay the debt owed to your company, you need to know what actions you may take. Learning how to legally secure payment can make or break many businesses.

Licenses, Permits, Zoning and Enforcement: What Business Owners Need to Know About Administrative Law

When starting a new business in Florida, there are several legal considerations that need to be addressed. While some of these considerations are the same for all new businesses (such as choosing a business entity and preparing contracts for use with vendors and customers), certain legal requirements will vary from one business to the next.

So, Your Client Wants to Negotiate. What Contract Changes Should You Consider?

As a business owner, at some point you are likely to come across a client (or perhaps multiple clients) that want to negotiate the terms of your standard agreement. You are open to negotiating, but you do not want to give them everything, so how do you decide where to draw the line?

Protecting Your Company: When is it Time to Consider Legal Action?

If a supplier, competitor, business partner or former employee is interfering with your company's operations, it is important to know when is the right time to consider legal action. While litigation can be disruptive, it can also be necessary, and in some cases aggressive action can be critical to mitigating any economic or reputational harm. Here are seven examples of legal issues that will often require use of formal or informal dispute resolution methods to protect a company's long-term interests:

Understanding Unfair Competition and Tortious Interference Claims in Florida

Legal disputes between business competitors can involve a wide range of legal claims, including claims for unfair competition and tortious interference. While both of these claims can be used to seek legal remedies against competitors that are attempting to gain an unfair advantage in the marketplace, they are focused on different practices, and understanding the differences is important for executives and company owners who are evaluating their options in the face of a potential dispute.

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