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Recalled products on Amazon lead to class action litigation

There are instances in which an issue with a product or the actions of a company could affect many people. In such cases, companies could end up in the middle of class action litigation if legal claims are filed on behalf of numerous consumers. In fact, Amazon is in the middle of such a claim now.

Florida readers may be interested in a claim brought by one man who indicated that Amazon sells products on its site that have been recalled. The man stated that he was not informed that the products had been recalled and did not otherwise know that the products could pose a hazard to him. Apparently, a journalistic investigation found over 4,100 recalled items still being sold on Amazon's site.

Business litigation not uncommon for small companies

Though many Florida residents may think only of the positive potentials of starting their own small businesses, it is not unusual for difficulties to strike. Some issues could arise early and be handled relatively easily, and in other cases, more serious problems could come later on. For instance, business litigation is an ordeal that many small businesses face.

Legal claims and lawsuits can come against businesses for any number of reasons. In fact, it is estimated that between 36% and 56% of small businesses see some type of litigation each year. This information shows that it is easy for any company to end up under scrutiny and possibly having to contend with serious legal matters. Of course, one of the best ways to handle this type of issue is to prepare ahead of time.

Informally and formally addressing a breach of contract

Contracts are valuable business tools. If you run a company and need to work with an outside party, creating a contract can help everyone involved understand the expectations of the work, compensation and other important details. These contracts can also include potential repercussions in the event that one party breaches the terms.

Unfortunately, even though contracts can provide a great deal of protection, they are not foolproof. If one party does decide to violate the terms of the agreement, additional action is often necessary to address the violations. However, you do not have to immediately jump to litigation.

Walmart, Tesla involved in business litigation over solar panels

When issues arise, it is common for Florida businesses and those elsewhere to feel that taking legal action is the best approach. Lawsuits can often help address serious problems for which a company may need to seek damages. Though legal claims can be avoided in some cases when parties work out issues among themselves, some problems are not so easily handled, and business litigation is needed.

It was recently reported that Walmart has filed a legal claim against Tesla due to issues relating to solar panels installed by the energy company. Since 2012, seven fires have started at Walmart locations due to issues with the solar panels. The retail giant wants Tesla to remove the remaining solar panels from over 200 stores, and it is seeking compensation for damages resulting from the fires.

Mediation could help with negotiations during contract disputes

The conditions under which employees work are often detailed in employment contracts. These agreements can include information on compensation, bonuses, vacation time and other benefits. If workers come to find that the terms they agreed to are no longer viable, contract disputes could arise.

Florida readers may be interested in this type of dispute currently underway in another state. According to reports, teachers in a school district are threatening to go on strike if negotiations for their contracts do not go well. At the time of the report, the teachers and the school district had been in mediation sessions that have lasted multiple days, but no agreements had been made. It was noted that various proposals had been made and were under consideration.

Lack of payment leads to construction litigation

Running a company also means running into issues now and then. In some cases, a construction company that performs work for another business as part of a project may find itself in a situation where it has not been properly compensated for its services. It is not unusual for this type of problem to lead to construction litigation.

Florida readers may be interested in a lawsuit currently underway in another state. According to reports, a construction company had been subcontracted by a general contractor to perform work on the expansion to a Ripley's Aquarium location. The subcontractors provided materials, labor and other factors necessary to complete a new penguin exhibit. However, the general contractor allegedly has not paid the subcontractor a total of $130,767.

Experiencing disability discrimination at work is unacceptable

When Florida employees are at work, they have certain rights and expectations. For example, no worker should experience mistreatment at the hands of his or her boss or coworkers. Unfortunately, disabled workers often find themselves subjected to treatment that is unfair and unacceptable.

Disability discrimination is a real problem, and victims may not be sure what their rights are or what they can do to fight back. If you think you are experiencing harassment or discrimination because of your disability, you do not have to suffer in silence or live in fear of what will happen next. There are state and federal laws that protect you, and it is possible to hold your employer accountable for what you are experiencing. 

Apple again facing class action litigation

Major companies are no stranger to lawsuits. It is common for consumers to feel that certain products are not performing as expected or that the company has violated their rights in some way. When this happens, companies could end up facing class action litigation due to claims from customers.

Florida readers may be interested in a class-action lawsuit that was recently brought against Apple. According to reports, consumers are claiming that Apple's Siri feature is recording private conversations after being accidentally triggered, and as a result, contractors hired to assess Siri's performance are hearing these private interactions. The suit claims that this issue violates customer privacy and that Apple failed to inform users that this unintentional recording could happen.

Choosing the right structure for your Florida company

The choices made during the initial stages of a Florida business have implications for future operations and the direction of the company. One of these decisions is choosing the right type of structure for your company. The legal structure impacts things such as taxes and your personal liability for business debts, and doing your research can ensure that you make the right choice. 

Choosing the appropriate business structure depends on things such as your goals for your business, the type of company you have and more. Your decision will also affect your personal liability for business debts as well. It is in your interests to carefully consider the benefits and drawbacks of each choice and consider the potential long-term implications for each option.

City appeals judgment to pay subcontractors

When a court judgment does not go in one's favor, it does not necessarily have to be the end of the road. Many people, companies and other entities choose to appeal certain outcomes of cases in efforts to obtain more favorable results. Of course, the appeals process can take time and face many difficulties.

Florida readers may be interested in an appeal currently underway in another state for a case that reached an initial judgment in 2017. According to reports, four companies acting as subcontractors on a construction project had sued a city for breach of contract after working on a sports complex and not receiving payment. In 2017, the court determined that the city owed the companies over $200,000 for the work performed on the complex before the city terminated the contract.

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