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Class action litigation involving Google comes to settlement

When a company faces complaints from consumers, it often has multiple options for handling those complaints. Of course, some consumers may feel strongly enough about the issue and feel that it was not handled well enough so that additional action may be necessary. In such a case, class action litigation could result, and a company may have to determine how to handle the legal predicament.

Florida readers may be interested in a case involving Google that recently came to a settlement. According to reports, numerous consumers became displeased with their Google Pixel cellphones because they had defective microphones. The issue apparently stemmed from a hairline crack in a connective element of the phone. Google admitted that the issue existed and indicated that steps would be taken to address it. However, consumers became even more disgruntled because Google continued to sell the product despite its issues.

Construction litigation can occur over lack of payment

Construction projects can often have their ups and downs, and not just in terms of demolition and building. Some contractors may agree to work on projects only to face difficulties, such as lack of payment, that result in them having to delay work or stop completely. In some cases, construction litigation may take place in efforts to work toward owed compensation.

Florida residents may be interested in such a case occurring in another state. Apparently, a construction company was hired to demolish an old hospital in order to build new housing on the site. However, a considerable portion of the hospital still stands because the construction company refuses to continue working on the project. The reasoning behind this walk-off is that the investment firm that hired the construction company owes $1.6 million.

Which is the right structure for your Florida small business?

Are you starting a small business in Florida? This is an exciting time, but there is much more involved with this process than simply announcing you're in business. Whether you plan to launch a company on a specific date or you have a hobby or side hustle that has taken on a life of its own, there are certain steps you need to take during the formation process. The early stages of a business often determine its future success, and it's smart to proceed thoughtfully and carefully.

One of the most important decisions you will make during this process is the type of business you will have. Business structure determines several things for you and your small business, including taxes and your personal liability for business debt. You will find it beneficial to understand all of your options before making an important decision.

Business litigation: General Motors seeks to dismiss suit

When companies release a product to consumers, they commonly expect that the product may not please every person. After all, universal satisfaction is nearly impossible to achieve. Still, some people may feel so disgruntled with a product that they file lawsuits, and companies end up having to handle business litigation.

Florida residents may be interested in a lawsuit recently brought against General Motors. It was reported that the suit was filed by a consumer who purchased a Chevrolet Bolt in 2017. The vehicle is an electric car, and the man claims that GM misled consumers regarding the electric range of the vehicles when it came to the miles their vehicles could travel. The man claims that, according to information pertaining to the vehicle's performance, the Bolt should be able to have an electric range of 238 miles. However, he states that the electric range is 100 miles less than that amount when the weather is cold.

Higher courts hear appeals concerning the Florida Constitution

Just like the country, each state has its own governing document, usually a constitution, and Florida is no exception. That document gives certain powers to each part of the government -- the governor, the legislature and the judicial branches. Sometimes, a lawsuit is filed alleging that one of these branches of the state's government somehow violated the constitution. The decisions made by judges on these cases could result in appeals to the higher Florida courts.

It would probably be difficult to find anyone here in Florida, particularly in the southern part of the state, who has not heard about the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Sadly, 17 people lost their lives in that tragedy. Governor Ron DeSantis blamed Sheriff Scott Israel and suspended him, which prompted the lawsuit.

Protecting your interests as a creditor

Creditors can face various challenges when trying to collect on money owed to them. It's difficult to obtain payment from people who defaulted on loans and lines of credit, and creditors have the right to move forward with legal action if necessary. Whether you are trying to collect from a business or an individual, it is in your interests to learn about your rights and the steps you can take to secure payment.

There are some remedies available to you that may not cost you anything. However, there are times when it is necessary to seek legal guidance and move forward with formal steps that can help you get back what someone owes you. It can be beneficial to do a cost-benefit analysis of all of your options before you move forward with a specific course of action.

Defects at university stadium lead to construction litigation

When a new structure needs to be built, many companies may vie for the job. The company that lands the project may work hard to complete it and then move on to the next project. However, some companies could face legal claims and construction litigation years later if parties believe that structures suffer from defects or other issues.

Florida readers may be interested in a lawsuit recently filed by a university in another state. According to reports, the lawsuit was filed against multiple companies, including a construction company, due to issues that the university's stadium has experienced. Apparently, large cracks have surfaced and chunks of concrete have become dislodged from the railings of the structure, which has caused safety concerns. The lawsuit claims that failed oversight, construction deficiencies and poor design all played roles in the stadium's problems.

Grocery store workers strike over contract disputes

Understandably, people want to feel fairly compensated for their work and want to feel appreciated at their places of employment. As a result, when the time comes for new employment contract terms, it is not unusual for workers to want to ensure that the terms are fair. However, it is also common for employees and employers not to see eye to eye at first, and contract disputes can take place.

Florida readers may be interested in a dispute that has resulted in workers going on strike in multiple other states. Apparently, over 31,000 grocery store employees from over 200 stores have gone on strike in efforts to obtain favorable employment contract terms. Negotiations for a new contract have been underway, but because they have not reached an agreement, the workers went on strike for the fifth day at the time of the report.

Florida law protects pregnant workers

If you are experiencing discrimination in your workplace and you believe it is because you are pregnant, you do not have to deal with it on your own. It can be overwhelming to experience this type of treatment, but it may help to understand what counts as pregnancy discrimination and what legal options are available to you. The fact that you are pregnant has no bearing on your right to work and your ability to do your job well.

Poland Spring water faces class action litigation

Florida business owners work hard to get their products on the market and to make their products appealing to certain consumers. As a result, they undoubtedly research their available marketing strategies while working to ensure that they do not provide any false advertising. However, some consumers may still feel that they were misled by a product, and if disgruntled enough, those consumers may choose to move forward with class action litigation.

It was recently reported that a previously dismissed class action lawsuit has been given the approval to move forward. The complaint had been amended, and the undisclosed changes to the claim apparently resonated with the federal judge presiding over the case. According to reports, the lawsuit claims that Poland Spring water has misled consumers by claiming that the bottled water comes from springs when it is actually sourced from wells.

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