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Class action litigation may stem from "bro-culture" accusations

Businesses often face allegations of one sort or another. In some cases, customers may not feel satisfied with a product or service, and in other instances, workers may feel that their Florida employers have violated their rights or created hostile work environments. When multiple people feel affected, class action litigation could take place.

One out-of-state business will likely soon be defending against allegations after a recent class action lawsuit was filed against the company. Reports stated that Riot Games is facing allegations from two women -- one a current employee and one a former employee -- claiming that "bro-culture" in the workplace resulted in gender discrimination and harassment. The women claim that they were subjected to unsolicited explicit photos as well as criticisms over their appearances and were often passed over for promotion in favor of less-qualified male workers.

How strong is your business contract?

One of the most important elements of a successful business is a solid contract. A contract is the safety net of a business because it contains the vital details of an agreement between you and another party.

A poorly constructed contract can leave you open to lawsuits and damage your reputation as a business owner. A well-drafted contract can allow you to do business smoothly and improve your chances that customers will return to you. While the specific contents of a contract will vary with each type of business transaction, there are certain factors common to all contracts.

Scooter-sharing companies involved in class action litigation

Many companies have innovative ideas to help better their areas and the world. Of course, while their intentions may be good, some customers or clients may find issue with the product or services provided. In some instances, class action litigation could result if several individuals feel that they have suffered damages from the same company.

Florida readers may be interested in an out-of-state class action lawsuit that involves two scooter-sharing companies. These companies offer electric scooters for rent that individuals can use to get to their destinations or ride for pleasure and return later. While the companies hoped to offer environmentally-friendly ways for individuals to get from one place to another, nine people have filed the lawsuit due to the injuries they have suffered in relation to the scooters.

A business strategy can keep your goals on track

Starting a new business is synonymous with making decisions. From the first moments when an idea for a new business comes to your mind, you have countless decisions to make, from the type of business structure to use to the way you will arrange your office.

What many Florida business owners fail to do is to create a strategy for the future of their businesses. You may be among those who had little idea of how to proceed beyond the ribbon cutting ceremony that launched your company. Failing to create a strategy for the future of your business can seriously impede your success.

Mediating your business disputes

Businesses are at risk of lawsuits. It seems to be the nature of things. If you own a business, you have certainly taken precautions against such legal actions in the way you manufacture and market your product, train your employees, and draft your contracts. Nevertheless, there is always the chance that you will face a lawsuit either as plaintiff or defendant.

The idea of dealing with a lawsuit may be overwhelming because you know it will take precious resources from your Florida business. Fortunately, there are less stressful ways to resolve legal disputes than going through a contentious litigation.

Facebook facing litigation over accusations of fraud

It is common for businesses to overlap. Some companies may utilize other businesses to help with advertising or other business growth, and often these measures can prove lucrative. However, when one company does not provide accurate information regarding how useful a business arrangement could be, another company could suffer. As a result, parties may feel that litigation is necessary to address the problems.

Florida readers may be interested in a lawsuit that was recently filed against Facebook, which alleges that the social media giant carried out fraudulent acts in order to obtain video advertisers. The company reportedly told advertisers that videos on the social media site gained more views than they actually did. The advertisers claim that the the views were inflated by 150 to 900 percent.

How can you effectively resolve a boundary dispute?

When two neighboring property owners are in conflict over a property line, it can be costly and stressful for all involved. If you find yourself involved in a dispute over a boundary line, it is within your interests as a Florida property owner to seek a beneficial resolution in a timely manner. You can take certain steps to address this issue once and for all.

Where your property begins and your neighbor's ends may not seem like a big deal until your neighbor wants to build a pool or you want to put a storage shed on the edge of your property. Knowing where the lines are can help you avoid issues and allow you to protect your rights as a landowner. In some cases, it is necessary for a person to seek legal help when working to resolve a boundary line dispute.

Are you entering the complex world of real estate development?

You may have always been someone who could see ways to improve areas no matter where you went. You possibly have an eye for what an area is missing and what additions could prove useful to the residents of the location. As a result, it is no surprise that you decided to become a real estate developer.

Seeing unused property and knowing that it could grow into something great may bring you great excitement. You may also have felt pleased when you learned that new businesses or homes were going in certain areas, even if you had no hand in it yourself. Now that you are ready to start your own development projects, however, you want to take the reins as fully as possible.

Deceased partner's estate involved in business contract disputes

It is not uncommon for businesses to face disputes. In some cases, individuals may allege that a company or its partners have violated the terms of agreements, and as a result, contract disputes can take place. When this occurs, litigation may be necessary in order to have the situation cleared up as best as possible.

Florida readers may be interested in a lawsuit underway in another state, revolving around multiple business agreements and purported violations. Reports indicate that the personal representative of a deceased individual has filed the lawsuit on behalf of the estate. Apparently, the deceased party had been business partners with other individuals, and the representative claims that the surviving partners have breached their fiduciary duty along with multiple business agreements.

Business litigation underway over casino license

Businesses can face upsets for a variety of reasons. In some cases, a business will face accusations from another company that can lead to serious conflict. As a result, it is not uncommon for business litigation to take place in order to have the conflicts reviewed and resolved in the best legal manner possible.

Florida readers may be interested in a business lawsuit currently underway in another state. Reports indicated that a horse racing company has filed the suit against a casino company in relation to a casino license for a particular area. The racing company believes that it would have obtained the license, which the other business received, if the casino company had not taken illegal actions to get the license.

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