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Mediation: resolving complex disputes out of court

When your business is involved in a dispute, it can lead to both financial and legal complications for your company. You understand the importance of protecting your company's interests, but you also may dread the thought of expensive litigation and going to court. Fortunately, there may be other options available to you.

There are ways to resolve even complex legal disputes out of court. Through the process of mediation, it is possible for two disputing parties to negotiate, discuss concerns and eventually reach a beneficial resolution. While compromise is a component of mediation, this process still gives you an avenue by which you can fight for the outcome that you think is best for your Florida business. 

Company owners may want to prepare for business litigation

Starting or growing a business involves many steps. In many cases, Florida business owners will reach out to others in efforts to build relationships and further their operation. Of course, with any company comes the risk of facing business litigation, so it is wise for owners to do their best to prepare for such outcomes.

One tool that can prove immensely useful in lessening the likelihood of disputes is a contract. Implementing contracts in any sales deals, partnerships, employment agreements or other relationships or events can better ensure that everyone is on the same page. Those contracts also need to be created correctly, and they need to be enforceable. If another party involved breaches the contract, business owners can take action to protect their companies.

Google, medical center facing class action litigation

Facing a number of displeased people can cause anyone to feel uncomfortable. When a business has a considerable number of disgruntled clients or customers, it is possible that a serious legal situation could arise. In some cases, if the problem appears serious enough, class action litigation could result.

Florida readers may be interested in a class action case involving Google and an out-of-state medical center. According to reports, Google is attempting to create an electronic health record management system. However, in order to create the system, the company needed health records, which it reportedly obtained from the medical center. Both Google and the medical center claim that the information disclosed did not provide individual patient information, but the complaint indicated that Google had the ability to identify the medical records based on the information provided.

Details to consider before signing a commercial lease

Real estate is expensive in Florida, and it's not always easy to find a location for your business that is affordable and suitable for your needs. Once you find a place, it may be tempting to move forward as quickly as possible so that you can get in the place promptly, but that may not be the best choice. It is smart to be careful and cautious when drafting and signing a commercial lease contract.

Like other types of business contracts, a commercial lease is an agreement that will bind your business to certain terms for a specific period of time. If the lease is unfair or not detailed enough, you could find yourself in a difficult situation that actually begins to affect your company operations. There are certain factors that you will want to include in your lease in order to protect your immediate and long-term needs.

Contract disputes can lead to construction delays

Construction company owners typically want their projects to move forward as smoothly as possible for many reasons. They can keep customer satisfaction high, save money and give themselves the opportunity to take on more projects. Of course, setbacks can occur, and some of those may relate to contract disputes with workers.

Florida readers may be interested in such a dispute that has led to a delay in construction in another state. The crew was working to restore and renovate a building when the contract with the construction company expired on June 1. The workers continued with their duties for three weeks without a contract, but they have since halted their efforts until a new contract is put into place.

Contract disputes continue as nurses reject proposal

Contracts hold an important part in business transactions and employment. Of course, it is common for contract disputes to come about when the agreements expire and new terms are not easily come by. Unfortunately, these disputes can go on for extended periods of time, and negotiations may not always go smoothly.

Florida readers may be interested in continued disputes involving nurses in another state. The employees had gone on a strike that lasted over a month as contract negotiations continue to go back and forth. Recent reports indicated that a tentative contract was proposed, but after a vote, the proposal was rejected by the nursing staff with 57% of the votes declining the contract. The contract reportedly included terms relating to reducing on-call hours, pay raises and reducing caps on out-of-pocket health care expenses.

Mediation process not working? We can help you with what's next

Complex legal disputes can directly impact your financial and personal well-being, and reaching a beneficial resolution to these problems in a timely manner is important. For some, the correct approach is to go through mediation to resolve the dispute. While mediation offers many benefits, the reality is that sometimes this process breaks down or is not the right option, and you will need to find another way forward.

It may help you to learn more about what you should expect from the mediation process and what signs could indicate that this process is not right for you. When mediation is not working or not realistic, you will be able to go to court to seek a resolution to your issue. It can help to work with a legal advocate who can help you protect your interests, no matter what method you use.

Bakery wins business litigation regarding defamation

Running any type of business can come with its challenges. Unfortunately, some situations can become even more difficult to handle when outside parties attempt to interfere with how a company operates. In some cases, a business's reputation could be put in jeopardy due to rumors, and it may take business litigation to rectify the situation.

Florida readers may be interested in a defamation suit that recently came to a ruling in another state. According to reports, students and staff members from a college began holding protests outside a local bakery after three college students were arrested there. The students were accused of attempting to buy alcohol illegally. The situation resulted in all three students being charged, and all three later pleaded guilty to the accusations.

Comcast working on appeals to racial bias case approval

Though most Florida company owners know that legal claims could be filed against them, they typically still want to do their best to avoid unnecessary proceedings. As a result, if a court gives the go-ahead for a claim against a company to move forward, it is not unusual for that company to look into appeals options. Currently, Comcast is working on such a situation.

It was recently reported that Comcast Corp has filed an appeal with the U.S. Supreme Court in efforts to have a racial bias case against the company dismissed. The claim came from Byron Allen, who believes that Comcast purposefully did not carry channels from his Entertainment Studios Networks because he is black. The racial discrimination lawsuit had already received approval to proceed by the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

Protecting your property value with a recent survey

If you own property in Florida, you understand how important it is to protect the value of what you own. Land in the state tends to be quite valuable, and whether it was an inherited piece of land or you purchased it, it's smart to know everything you can know about your asset. One way you can do this is by having a survey of your property done. 

Real estate disputes often arise out of issues related to how much the land is worth, how the owner wants to use the land or where boundary lines lie. These disputes and other issues can ultimately impact how you use your land or what you may be able to get if you sell your land. A survey is a smart way to get the information you need to protect your property value.

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