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Juul Labs facing class action litigation

Most companies are no stranger to complaints and even the occasional lawsuit. Still, it is a burden when someone files a lawsuit that a company must defend against as it can detract from managing business operations. Plus, there are numerous risks that can come with lawsuits, especially if class action litigation ensues.

Florida readers may be interested in a class action lawsuit recently filed in another state against Juul Labs. Apparently, a school district has filed the suit, and the superintendent indicated that Juul Labs should be held accountable for "creating an epidemic" that has reportedly impacted the students. He also claims that the vaping products produced by the company have led to addiction in elementary, middle and high school-aged children and caused them to lose significant amounts of instructional time.

Resolving complex business disputes out of court

As a Florida business owner, you will want to do everything possible to protect the interests of your company. You understand it is crucial to protect both its reputation and financial stability, both of which are threatened when a legal dispute arises. A lawsuit or the threat of litigation is costly, stressful and could impact your long-term interests.

If you find yourself in this situation, what's next? How can you protect your company while also fighting back against accusations? While litigation sometimes does end up in court, that is not your only option. It is possible that you could resolve even a complex business dispute through alternate dispute resolution methods, such as mediation. This is often a simpler option, and it can be significantly cheaper than fighting over issues in court. 

Construction litigation ensues when developer pulls out of deal

Though the construction industry can be lucrative, company owners can also face numerous issues. In some cases, a prospective project could fall through even after a deal was made, and the company could face serious setbacks and financial losses. It is not unusual for construction litigation to result from this type of ordeal.

Florida readers may be interested in a lawsuit recently filed in another state. According to reports, a construction company was slated to construct an air-rights tower for a development firm. However, the development company did not follow through with the deal, and now, the construction company is suing for $100 million. The lawsuit claims that the development firm withdrew from the deal at the last minute and used unsavory tactics in efforts to achieve personal gain at the expense of the construction company.

Taco Bell facing business litigation over false advertising claim

Any company can end up facing complaints from customers. In some cases, the complaints may come in the form of harshly-worded reviews left online, and that is where they end. In other cases, some individuals could bring about lawsuits to have their grievances addressed through business litigation.

Florida readers may be interested in a lawsuit recently filed against Taco Bell. According to reports, a couple saw an advertisement for the fast food chain's Chalupa Cravings box, which the advertisement indicated was $5. The advertisement appealed to the couple, and they drove to a Taco Bell location and ordered two of the boxes. However, rather than being $5 each, the boxes were more expensive, even before taxes. They found out that the price difference was because that particular Taco Bell location did not participate in the promotional pricing.

Protecting your interests when buying a condo

It's exciting to think about buying a home in Florida. You may be ready to own your own place and make your house into your dream home. Everyone has different aspirations regarding home ownership, but you may be considering the benefits of purchasing a condominium instead of a single family home. Just as with any other type of real estate purchase, you will need to be cautious and careful before you move forward with this purchase.

There are specific issues you may face that are unique to buying and owning a condominium. You would be wise to do your homework and make sure you are not purchasing undue problems and exposing yourself to unnecessary risks. If buying a condo is the right move for you, you may find it beneficial to work with an experienced professional as you move forward. 

Company pursues construction litigation over lack of payment

Working in construction can have many difficulties. Some projects can be more difficult than others, and there is always the risk of accidents taking place that could leave workers seriously injured. On top of that, there is the chance that construction litigation will take place because a client did not pay.

Florida readers may be interested in a lawsuit recently filed in another state. According to reports, a construction company was hired to make repairs to a mall that had been hit by a vehicle. In total, the costs of the repairs reached approximately $34,600. Though the repairs have been completed for almost a year, the construction company still has not received payment for the work. As a result, the company filed a lawsuit against the mall and its associated companies.

Appeals in the works after Johnson and Johnson ruling

When companies face accusations of wrongdoing, they can often end up in court having to defend themselves. In some cases, the initial ruling may not be favorable. Fortunately, in this type of scenario, companies can often file appeals in efforts to gain a better outcome through additional legal proceedings. 

Florida readers may be interested in such a situation involving Johnson and Johnson in another state. According to reports, the company was facing accusations of helping fuel the opioid crisis by overstating the usefulness of opioids as pain relievers. The judge ruled that marketing a lawful product could be considered a public nuisance, and as part of the ruling, the judge ordered the company to pay $572 million, which would go toward handling damage caused by the opioid crisis.

Contract disputes could hinge on enforceability

Running a business often means creating business relationships. In some cases, Florida company owners may need to bring employees into the fold in order to carry out tasks, or they may need to team up with another company in order to reach a goal. Whatever the relationship, owners typically enter into agreements with the other parties to avoid confusion about expectations. However, contract disputes can arise.

If a person believes that there is an issue with a contract, the issue could end up in court. Though business owners often create contracts to protect their businesses, contracts are only worthwhile if they are enforceable. If a party argues that details of the contract make it unenforceable, the court could agree.

A real estate purchase agreement is open for negotiation

If you have your eye on a piece of property or home, you may have many questions about the steps you must take to make the purchase. Purchasing a new home, especially one that may be valued in the millions, is not something you want to do hastily or without taking careful consideration before signing any documents.

Nevertheless, your real estate agent may unintentionally rush you when it comes to signing a purchase agreement. The purchase agreement is a contract that binds you to buying the property and the owner to selling it based on the terms in the document. What you may not know and your agent may not tell you is that some of the terms of your purchase agreement are negotiable.

Defects, lack of pay can lead to construction litigation

In any type of relationship, disputes are common. Even if companies create contracts in order to outline the nature of the business relationship, one or more parties may not adhere to the terms of the agreement. If this happens, it is possible for construction litigation to take place in order to resolve the issues that result.

Florida readers may be interested in a dispute currently underway in a neighboring state. According to reports, a city had contracted with a construction company to build a new city hall complex. Though the project has been completed, the city believes that construction defects have caused serious issues with the structures, and the construction company claims that the city will not pay the remainder of its owed compensation, which totals approximately $2.6 million.

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