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January 2015 Archives

Legal Implications of Working With Sub-Contractors

In the construction realm, completing a project usually requires the involvement of a team of sub-contractors working together to complete the areas of the job congruent with the specialty of each. If you are in the business of routinely working with sub-contractors, or have questions about how Florida law applies to impose liability in the event of a breach, we encourage you to contact our Ft. Lauderdale construction lawyers as soon as possible. If you are facing a breach, or anticipate an upcoming breach of contract, our lawyers can help mitigate the situation and work to reduce financial liability for you and your business.

How Alternative Dispute Resolution Can Help Your Business Avoid Costly Litigation

Going to court is expensive, time-intensive, and can bring your business productivity to a screeching halt. However, conflicts with customers, clients, vendors, distributors, or shareholders can similarly drain your company's resources - both tangible and intangible. Inevitably, a business conflict must be resolved - but what are some options that do not involve the formalities of the civil courtroom? Fortunately, your Ft. Lauderdale business attorneys can offer alternative dispute resolution options that can effectuate a mutually-amicable result while avoiding the scrutiny of a judge and jury. If you are interested in business dispute resolution alternatives, we encourage you to contact a Fort Lauderdale business attorney right away.

What You Need to Know About State and Federal Appellate Courts

Sometimes, a strong legal argument with thorough supporting evidence is not enough to convince a judge or jury that you should prevail. Fortunately, the framers of our American legal system recognized the potential for juries to misinterpret facts, misunderstand the law, or become improperly swayed by irrelevant or overly prejudicial testimony - creating our appellate court system as a result. If you recently lost your case or would like to work with Ft. Lauderdale appellate attorneys on your lawsuit, we encourage you to give us a call right away. Under the law, there is a very short window within which a losing party can initiate an appeal - and failure to file by the deadline could result in a waiver of the claim.

Understanding the Critical Path - Change Orders

The Critical Path is a construction law concept rooted in the proper scheduling and administration of construction projects. A critical path schedules a set of project activities and is commonly used during the construction process to manage the progress of the project. Generally, the critical path lists (1) all activities required to complete the project, (2) the expected timeframe for the activity and (3) how one activity depends on another. Any delay of an activity on the critical path can directly impact the project completion. Michael L. Feinstein, P.A. is the premier Ft. Lauderdale construction lawyer who can review contracts to ensure critical path concepts are adequately and accurately contained in the contract. A failure to include critical path provisions can dramatically impact the parties' position should delay in the project arise.

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