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February 2015 Archives

Dot Your "I's" and Cross Your "T's:" Tips for Covering Your Bases When Hiring New Employees

Taxes, payroll, policies...oh my! If the thought of hiring your first few employees leaves your head spinning, the business attorneys of Michael L. Feinstein, P.A. can help put you at ease. With our business formation and consultation services, we can guide you through the process safely and confidently, thereby freeing up your time for more important matters - like growing your enterprise.

Appellate Procedures for Plaintiffs Unhappy With the Result at Trial

If you have endured months or years of preparation and anticipation only to receive a trial verdict in favor of your opponent, you have options. As our Ft. Lauderdale appellate attorneys will explain, the fight is not over until you have exhausted all avenues for relief.

Top 10 Class Actions on Florida Dockets

A class action is a type of civil lawsuit wherein a number of plaintiffs (typically in the thousands) join their claims together into one single lawsuit, headed by one or several class representatives. There are a number of advantages to a class action, most notably the convenience factor for those seeking redress following catastrophic injuries. Class actions often involve consumer goods, medical products and devices or consumer fraud claims, which makes it nearly impossible for the defendant manufacturer to engage in litigation with each individual claimant. As such, class actions are available to plaintiffs suffering similar injuries, caused by a common defendant, seeking similar damages.

How an Attorney can Help Start-Ups Successfully Navigate Employment Laws

Starting your own business takes risk, gumption, and faith. It also takes help from financial and legal advisors - which some may view as the more tedious side to becoming one's own boss. Fortunately, our team of Ft. Lauderdale employment lawyers can offer a comprehensive, easy-to-understand explanation of the various legal requirements of owning a business, ranging from payroll and taxation issues to compliance and anti-discrimination concerns. Regardless of the nature of your business, our attorneys can work with you and your staff to create a positive start-up experience, while protecting you from the pitfalls of unaddressed legal issues.

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