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5 Reasons to Hire a New Lawyer for Your Civil Appeal

It happened. You went through a year or more of litigation, your lawyer presented your case at trial, and...you lost. For plaintiffs and defendants in all types of civil cases, having the judge or jury rule against you is a deflating experience, particularly if you were expecting a favorable outcome.

But, it's time to move on, and if you believe that the outcome of your trial was unjust, this likely means filling an appeal. Should you stick with your trial attorney? Or, should you hire a new lawyer to represent you during the appellate process?

Considerations for Choosing Your Appellate Representation

The following are five strong reasons to hire a new lawyer - specifically, an appellate lawyer - for your civil appeal:

1. Appeals are Not Like Trials

First, pursuing an appeal is very different from taking a case to trial. Appeals involve different processes and procedures, and they require an entirely different skillset. At trial, you are collecting evidence, questioning witnesses, building a record and seeking to prevail on the merits of your claim or defense. On appeal, you are arguing that errors during the trial process justify a second chance.

2. Many Trial Lawyers Do Not Handle Appeals

As a result of the differing nature of trials and appeals, many lawyers focus exclusively on trial or appellate practice. If your case would be your trial lawyer's first appeal (or if your trial lawyer only occasionally handles clients' appeals), there is a strong chance that you will be better off with a more experienced appellate attorney.

3. Your Appeal May Involve Questioning Your Trial Representation

As we mentioned above, during your appeal you will be asserting that errors during trial resulted in an unjust outcome. This may include errors committed by your trial attorney. Even if your trial lawyer is willing to admit that he or she made a mistake, your trial lawyer certainly will not be able to represent you in arguing that his or her own mistakes justify a reversal or retrial.

4. An Appellate Lawyer Will Offer a New Perspective On Your Case

Even setting aside the issues of having specific knowledge of appellate practice and arguing that your trial counsel was ineffective, hiring an appellate lawyer will provide a fresh perspective on your case. All lawyers have their own mindsets and tendencies, and after spending months and months focused on a specific set of arguments, it is easy to lose sight of the bigger picture. An appellate lawyer taking a fresh look at your case may be able to spot new issues to argue on appeal.

5. You Might Need to Appeal Again

Finally, when you appeal a trial verdict, in the vast majority of circumstances you are appealing to an intermediate court. If you lose your appeal (or if you win and the opposing party appeals), your case could go to another level of appellate review. At this stage, it will be critical to have an attorney who is intimately knowledgeable about the appellate process and who has an extensive record of appellate experience.

Does It Ever Make Sense to Retain Your Trial Lawyer for Your Appeal?

In some cases, however, it can make sense to stick with your trial representation. In a follow-up article, we will discuss five reasons to retain your trial lawyer for your appeal.

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