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April 2019 Archives

Protecting your interests as a creditor

Creditors can face various challenges when trying to collect on money owed to them. It's difficult to obtain payment from people who defaulted on loans and lines of credit, and creditors have the right to move forward with legal action if necessary. Whether you are trying to collect from a business or an individual, it is in your interests to learn about your rights and the steps you can take to secure payment.

Defects at university stadium lead to construction litigation

When a new structure needs to be built, many companies may vie for the job. The company that lands the project may work hard to complete it and then move on to the next project. However, some companies could face legal claims and construction litigation years later if parties believe that structures suffer from defects or other issues.

Grocery store workers strike over contract disputes

Understandably, people want to feel fairly compensated for their work and want to feel appreciated at their places of employment. As a result, when the time comes for new employment contract terms, it is not unusual for workers to want to ensure that the terms are fair. However, it is also common for employees and employers not to see eye to eye at first, and contract disputes can take place.

Florida law protects pregnant workers

If you are experiencing discrimination in your workplace and you believe it is because you are pregnant, you do not have to deal with it on your own. It can be overwhelming to experience this type of treatment, but it may help to understand what counts as pregnancy discrimination and what legal options are available to you. The fact that you are pregnant has no bearing on your right to work and your ability to do your job well.

Poland Spring water faces class action litigation

Florida business owners work hard to get their products on the market and to make their products appealing to certain consumers. As a result, they undoubtedly research their available marketing strategies while working to ensure that they do not provide any false advertising. However, some consumers may still feel that they were misled by a product, and if disgruntled enough, those consumers may choose to move forward with class action litigation.

How your business can protect its trademarked property

Florida business owners understand how difficult it is to make their companies stand out from the competition. Whether it's social media marketing strategy or new products, it can be difficult to make your business distinct, build a brand and develop a loyal customer base. One way you can do this is to protect your intellectual property and your brand through trademarks. 

Trade secret theft leads to business litigation with Tesla

Most seasoned Florida business owners are no stranger to competition. In fact, healthy competition can often help companies want to improve and be better than those in the same industry. However, when a company takes the deceitful track of stealing another company's proprietary information to get ahead, the negatively affected company may move forward with business litigation.

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