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Understanding the basics of the arbitration process

Many construction contracts contain arbitration clauses. This allows the contractor and the property owner a way to resolve their disputes without the expense of litigation. It also keeps the parties' dispute private, which could help preserve their reputations in the community and possibly preserve the working relationship.

Negative online reviews cause business litigation for defamation

These days, online reviews can have a tremendous impact on a business. If the ratings and reviews are positive, it is more likely that new customers or clients will utilize those businesses. Of course, the opposite is true when an influx of negative reviews lower ratings. It was recently reported that business litigation has begun over the use of online reviews to defame businesses.

Contract disputes can stem from unhappy customers

Running any type of company is not easy. There are company-related matters to address, employees to keep on track, customers to keep happy and much more. Unfortunately, not all customers and clients are happy with companies, and if they believe that a business has not fulfilled its side of a deal, contract disputes could arise.

How can creditors attempt to collect on past-due balances?

When a person buys something on credit, the expectation is that person will pay it off over time according to the terms of the agreement. When that person fails to meet his or her financial obligations and does not pay on time or at all, there are legal options available to the creditor. A Florida company owed money has the right to take certain actions that will hopefully compel the debtor to pay. 

Will construction litigation stem from 1 of 3 common contracts?

Most South Florida general contractors know that their best marketing strategy is to do good work. Making quality structures for clients may bring in more business than any advertisement ever will. However, the business gained through word of mouth does not mean contractors will forgo payment for their services. When payment problems or other issues arise, the construction litigation that may follow will most likely stem from one of three common contracts used in the industry.

A basic understanding of class action lawsuits

When a consumer product causes you harm or a company acts in a way that results in loss, what can a person do? How is it possible to hold major corporations accountable when you are just one person? Thankfully, there may be a path to justice available to you through a class action lawsuit.

McDonald's facing business litigation over alleged discrimination

Most major companies are no stranger to lawsuits. Still, the fact that they have faced them before and will likely face them again does not make them any easier to handle. In any case, a company could suffer because of the claims of others, and business litigation can be time consuming, costly and difficult to handle for any type of claim.

Ring, Amazon facing business litigation over security systems

When something with a product goes wrong or unexpectedly, many consumers blame the company. Unfortunately, if a number of incidents occur in which a product does not act as consumers believed it would, business litigation could ensue. In some cases, companies may need to defend against the allegations made against them and their products.

Problems with construction project design can lead to defects

A construction project is really only as good as its original design plans, quality of materials used and level of workmanship used to build it. Defects in a project are more than an inconvenience. Problems, even ones that don't seem like a big deal initially, can cost you a significant amount of time, money and stress.


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