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Disciplinary action from the Real Estate Commission

When you started your real estate business, you may have had great plans for your future. You may have aspired to help residents find homes across Florida, deal in commercial property or assist developers in bringing new businesses to the area. Perhaps those goals kept you focused and diligent as you studied and prepared for your licensing exam, and those goals keep you thinking forward.

Frivolous lawsuits can still lead to business litigation

Running a small business is certainly not always the dream many people hope it to be. Being a business owner has many difficulties, and while Florida owners may be able to handle some of those issues relatively quickly, other problems may take time to address. For example, some companies could end up facing business litigation over frivolous lawsuits.

Construction litigation seeks to stop project from moving forward

Though construction can mean that an area is expanding and offering new opportunities within the locale, some people may not see the change as positive. In fact, it is not uncommon for locals to try to use construction litigation as a way to stop certain projects from taking place. Unfortunately, this can mean delays and difficulties for Florida construction companies.

What should you do if you experienced workplace discrimination?

Every employee in Florida has the right to a workplace that is free from discrimination and harassment. Employees who experienced this type of mistreatment are sometimes reluctant to speak out about what they experienced because they are embarrassed or unsure of what they can do. There are both state and federal laws that protect workers from these things. 

Contract disputes can lead to lawsuits to address damages

In efforts to grow their businesses, many companies create agreements with other companies. Often, there is some mutual benefit to the agreements that can help all parties involved reach certain business-related goals. However, not all new partnerships work out, and in some cases, a fall-out could lead to contract disputes.

Are you a prisoner of your timeshare contract?

It seems like a good idea. You buy a share in a vacation property in an exciting location, and you have a beautiful place reserved for you each year. Splitting the cost with other people makes the ownership of an exotic vacation home more affordable than buying a property you may only visit once a year.

Injury at trampoline park leads to business litigation

Running any type of business is tricky. Depending on the product or service that a company offers, owners and operators often have to consider ways to keep their clients or customers safe and to run a successful business. Of course, if an accident happens on a company's premises, business litigation could result.

Apple comes to settlement over class action litigation

When a Florida company faces numerous complaints from clients or customers, it often has multiple options for handling those complaints. It may be able to address the issue in-house and directly with customers, or it may have to contend with class action litigation. Of course, even if a situation goes that far, companies could still choose to reach a settlement.

Improving your chances for successful business litigation

It is the rare business that does not face a legal challenge from time to time. In fact, the more sophisticated your business, the more clients you deal with and the more substantial your contracts, the more likely you will run into disputes that may end up in court. When this happens, you will want every advantage for reaching a positive outcome.


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