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Construction litigation seeks to stop project from moving forward

Though construction can mean that an area is expanding and offering new opportunities within the locale, some people may not see the change as positive. In fact, it is not uncommon for locals to try to use construction litigation as a way to stop certain projects from taking place. Unfortunately, this can mean delays and difficulties for Florida construction companies.

When does a contract breach warrant construction litigation?

Before entering into any type of business relationship, creating a contract is typically advisable. As a result, most Florida construction company owners will create contracts to ensure that they and their clients understand under what terms the project will be completed. Of course, signing contracts do not always prevent people from violating the terms, and in some cases, construction litigation could result.

Construction litigation pending over nonpayment

It can be immensely frustrating to work on a construction project and experience a delay in receiving compensation. In some cases, a simple reminder of an owed balance is enough for payment to be made, but in other cases, it is not that easy. In fact, some companies may have to move forward with construction litigation in hopes of receiving their owed compensation.

Will construction litigation stem from 1 of 3 common contracts?

Most South Florida general contractors know that their best marketing strategy is to do good work. Making quality structures for clients may bring in more business than any advertisement ever will. However, the business gained through word of mouth does not mean contractors will forgo payment for their services. When payment problems or other issues arise, the construction litigation that may follow will most likely stem from one of three common contracts used in the industry.

Issue with structure leads to construction litigation

Construction projects can be complicated. Individuals wanting the project completed can have specific requests, and construction companies often do their best to manage those requests. However, construction litigation can take place if one or both parties involved in the project feel that the endeavor did not go to plan.

Construction litigation likely after woman injured by materials

Construction companies can face legal issues for any number of reasons. Some companies may not receive the pay they are owed, or a partner could unjustly back out of a deal. In some cases, they may face construction litigation if a person is injured by materials, debris or other aspects of a construction project.

Construction litigation ensues when developer pulls out of deal

Though the construction industry can be lucrative, company owners can also face numerous issues. In some cases, a prospective project could fall through even after a deal was made, and the company could face serious setbacks and financial losses. It is not unusual for construction litigation to result from this type of ordeal.

Company pursues construction litigation over lack of payment

Working in construction can have many difficulties. Some projects can be more difficult than others, and there is always the risk of accidents taking place that could leave workers seriously injured. On top of that, there is the chance that construction litigation will take place because a client did not pay.

Defects, lack of pay can lead to construction litigation

In any type of relationship, disputes are common. Even if companies create contracts in order to outline the nature of the business relationship, one or more parties may not adhere to the terms of the agreement. If this happens, it is possible for construction litigation to take place in order to resolve the issues that result.

Lack of payment leads to construction litigation

Running a company also means running into issues now and then. In some cases, a construction company that performs work for another business as part of a project may find itself in a situation where it has not been properly compensated for its services. It is not unusual for this type of problem to lead to construction litigation.

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