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Seeking Beneficial Outcomes To Construction Disputes

Posted on : September 11, 2020
When a Florida business is involved in a construction dispute, the main objective should be to reach a beneficial resolution in a timely manner. Construction of a commercial building can be a...

GM Facing Class Action Litigation Over Premature Engine Wear

Posted on : September 7, 2020
Boca Dispute With Business Partners
Having any type of legal claim come against a business can be difficult for owners to handle. When the situation involves class action litigation, companies could be at risk of owing substantial...

Construction Litigation Over Disney Resort Claims Contract Breach

Posted on : September 1, 2020
Construction company owners undoubtedly want to have smooth projects no matter what they undertake. Of course, clients can be difficult to work with at times, and it is not unusual for serious...

Brush Up On Negotiation Techniques For Lease Restructuring

Posted on : August 28, 2020
Orlando Contract Disputes
If the current economic times have hit your business hard, you are not alone. Numerous individuals and businesses have found themselves carefully tracking profits and losses, and you may be among the...

Are You In A Position To Restructure Your Commercial Lease?

Posted on : August 26, 2020
When you first set up shop in your commercial space, you may have felt comfortable with the lease terms. Those terms likely included the length of the lease, the rent you would...