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GM Facing Class Action Litigation Over Premature Engine Wear

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Having any type of legal claim come against a business can be difficult for owners to handle. When the situation involves class action litigation, companies could be at risk of owing substantial amounts of money to consumers if the court rules against the business. Unfortunately, business owners in Florida and across the country could face this ordeal.

It was recently reported that a class action lawsuit was filed in a federal court sitting in another state against General Motors in relation to the automobile manufacturer’s Chevrolet Camaro, including models from 2010 to present. Apparently, the suit alleges that the company did not inform buyers about an issue involving heat shields and the starter motor. Reports indicate that buyers believe that the ineffective heat shields allow more heat to reach the starter motor, which, in turn, causes the electrical conductors to need more power to start the engine.

Consumers claim that this additional power can result in the engine facing premature wear. The suit also alleges that this issue can affect the battery as well as the wiring in the vehicle. There was no comment provided in the report from General Motors regarding the lawsuit.

When preparing to face legal claims, many business owners may want to approach class action litigation differently than other types of cases. As a result, it may be necessary for Florida company owners to fully understand their legal options for dealing with this type of problem. Their legal counsel will undoubtedly be able to provide applicable insight into a company’s specific case and how to effectively move forward.

By : admin | September 7, 2020 | Class Action Litigation

Google Could Face Class Action Litigation Over Unequal Pay

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When a company in Florida or anywhere else in the country is accused by employees of some type of alleged wrongdoing, the manner in which the issue is handled can depend on the particulars involved. In some cases, company owners or management can hear concerns, discuss the problems and find viable solutions. In other cases, employees may feel that taking legal action is their best course of action, and that could lead to class action litigation if numerous employees feel affected.

It was recently reported that plaintiffs involved in a lawsuit against Google are seeking class action status for their claim. Apparently, four former Google employees brought the lawsuit claiming that female employees were paid less than male workers and that female employees were offered fewer benefits. This lawsuit was filed in 2017, and the request for class action status was filed at the end of July 2020.

According to the claims, women receive approximately $16,800 less in compensation than men while working at Google. One plaintiff stated that she was told that her performance and quality of her initial job interview were lower than male colleagues, which lead to lesser pay, but an evaluation document of her interview purportedly showed that she received a high score during her interview. If the request for class action status is approved, the case could represent approximately 10,800 female employees, and if the case is successful, Google could have to pay over $600 million in damages.

Class action litigation can have far-reaching effects for a company. Even if the company is successful in defending against the allegations, such lawsuits can take away from other important matters. Nonetheless, if Florida companies are facing this type of predicament, owners will certainly want to ensure that they explore their legal options thoroughly.

By : admin | August 4, 2020 | Class Action Litigation

Consumers Want ComEd To Face Class Action Litigation

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Businesses can make mistakes in many ways. In some cases, they may participate in questionable activities because they believe those activities could benefit their companies. However, some actions could result in effects on customers that they perceive as negative, and those customers could attempt to bring class action litigation against a company.

Florida readers may be interested in a lawsuit seeking class action status that was recently filed in another state. According to reports, customers of Commonwealth Edison Co, also known as ComEd, have filed the suit after learning that the company admitted to participating in a bribery scheme, which allegedly involved favoring friends of Democratic House Speaker Michael Madigan when it came to jobs and contracts. The scheme would purportedly benefit ComEd by giving the company favorable treatment regarding certain legislation. The company paid a $200 million fine after admitting its participation.

Customers of ComEd believe that the company should compensate them for the rate increases that allegedly occurred in relation to the bribery scheme. Several individuals and businesses are currently participating in the lawsuit and believe that ComEd gained approximately $150 million from rate increases. ComEd issued a statement indicating that despite improper conduct in the past, they do not believe that consumers were harmed by the passing of the legislation that led to higher electricity bills.

It can be difficult for companies to admit that they participated in questionable actions, but it does not mean that those actions warrant additional litigation. Still, if clients or customers believe that class action litigation suits a particular scenario, the company in question will still have to take steps to defend against the claims. If Florida companies are facing this type of legal issue, they will certainly want to find their most viable routes for protecting their companies’ interests.

By : admin | July 29, 2020 | Class Action Litigation

Apple, T-Mobile Facing Class Action Litigation Over Privacy

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Businesses, especially large companies, are no stranger to lawsuits. Of course, that does not mean that they want to end up facing class action litigation every other day. Unfortunately, some clients or customers can face issues that they believe warrant such action, and companies may be put in a position to defend themselves.

Florida readers may be interested in a class action lawsuit recently filed against Apple and T-Mobile. Apparently, the companies are accused of misrepresenting the security and privacy users had because of an issue that would allow third parties to access iMessages and FaceTime calls. The initial issue reportedly stemmed from an individual’s Apple ID remaining connected to a T-Mobile SIM card even though the original user no longer had the SIM card.

SIM cards are often recycled by cellphone providers, and the Apple ID would remain attached to the recycled SIM cards. As a result, messages and FaceTime calls intended for the new recipient would instead be received by the previous owner. Apple fixed the issue in 2018, but since the issue was first discovered in 2011, the plaintiffs believe this violation of privacy has caused numerous users to become victims of security breaches. Neither company provided comment for the report.

Handling class action litigation is something that companies often prepare for. Nonetheless, the process of addressing legal claims can be long and difficult. Fortunately, if Florida business owners end up facing this type of ordeal, they can obtain assistance with handling every legal aspect from attorneys experienced in defending against such lawsuits.

By : admin | July 13, 2020 | Class Action Litigation

Discrimination Claim Leads To Class Action Litigation

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Businesses often have to do what they can to ensure that their company operations run as smoothly as possible. Though they may feel as if they treat every worker the same, some individuals may believe that their employer is not. As a result, discrimination claims could be filed against a company, and in some cases, they could lead to class action litigation.

Florida readers may be interested in a class action lawsuit recently filed in another state. According to reports, a female employee is the lead plaintiff in the case and claims that Schlumberger, the largest oil field services company in the world, discriminates against women and provides a work environment that encourages harassment and discrimination of women. The woman started working for the company in 2016 as a measurements-while-drilling field engineer and moved to different locations depending on staffing needs.

The employee claims that she faced sexual harassment in the male-dominated work environment and that she had to share a bedroom with male co-workers. At one location, the male workers purportedly encouraged each other to break into the woman’s room and sexually assault her. The suit goes on to state that complaints made to management or human resources were typically brushed off. In the report, a representative stated that the company had not been served with a lawsuit and did not provide additional comment.

Companies that face claims of discrimination can suffer serious damage to their reputations and other aspects of their business. When class action litigation is involved, they are at risk of serious financial burdens as well. If Florida company owners are having to deal with this type of scenario, they will certainly want to find their best legal options for handling the ordeal.

By : admin | July 7, 2020 | Class Action Litigation

Google Facing Class Action Litigation Over Incognito Mode Privacy

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Most people in Florida and across the country connect to the internet on a daily basis. Going online often means that bits of personal information and activity are collected by various sites. Even if users do not give explicit permission for the collection of data, it can still happen. Some individuals may have believed that using Google Chrome’s incognito mode would prevent the tracking of activity, but that is not the case. Still, this apparent misunderstanding has resulted in class action litigation against Google.

The browser’s incognito mode allows individuals to browse the internet without having the browsing history, form information, cookies and site data saved within the browser. However, using this mode does not completely eliminate data collection. Even in incognito mode, websites could still gather information, employers could still see activity on workplace computers and internet service providers could also review the activity.

Google says that it has been upfront with its users about data collection while using incognito mode as the opening page lists the third parties that could still access browsing information. Still, some users believe that they were intentionally misled about the privacy of incognito mode. At the time of the report, three plaintiffs were associated with the class action lawsuit.

Class action litigation is not uncommon regarding businesses, especially large companies like Google. Still, if Florida business owners are facing this type of ordeal over a misunderstanding with clients or customers, they will certainly want to do their best to defend against any allegations they face. Going over their legal options with their legal counsel could help them find their best courses of action.

By : admin | June 9, 2020 | Class Action Litigation

Ikea Facing Class Action Litigation Over Recalled Dressers

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Most companies want to provide consumers with useful products that can make their lives easier. Of course, some products may have unexpected issues that could put customers at risk of injury, and as a result, responsible companies recall those products. However, even when such measures are taken, some consumers may not feel the action is adequate, and class action litigation may result.

Florida readers may be interested in a class action lawsuit recently filed against Ikea. According to reports, the lawsuit was filed on behalf of a family who purchased an Ikea dresser that was recalled in 2016 due to the potential for tipping over and possibly causing injuries, particularly to children. The family has two children and had purchased the dresser before the recall. The family reportedly tried to return the product and receive a refund in 2018, but the company allegedly denied the refund.

The lawsuit claims that other families have faced similar denials in relation to the recalled product. The report also stated that safety groups had contacted the company and indicated that Ikea had not done an adequate job of notifying parents about the risks of the product. A representative for Ikea stated that the company had spent millions of dollars to alert consumers of the recall and to prevent tip-over accidents.

No company wants its product to cause injury or other harm to a consumer or his or her family. Still, many consumers can feel as if they have been wronged by a company for various reasons when it comes to defective or hazardous products. If Florida company owners are facing class action litigation over similar claims, they may want to ensure that they understand their legal options for defending against this type of legal action.

By : admin | May 19, 2020 | Class Action Litigation

McDonald’s Facing Class Action Litigation Over Sexual Harassment

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It is not uncommon for employers to face issues with their employees. In some cases, employees may make claims against their employers for perceived wrongdoing, and it is possible for class action litigation to stem from certain complaints. In fact, it was recently reported that McDonald’s is facing this situation over accusations of systemic sexual harassment.

The class action lawsuit was recently filed in Florida, and two women are the lead plaintiffs in the case that is representing approximately 5,000 women who have worked for McDonald’s since 2016. The women claim that they and other women on the job were subjected to groping and other physical assaults as well as sexual comments from co-workers. One woman also stated that she faced harassment from customers.

The complaint further alleges that a manager did not properly address the woman’s complaints regarding the harassment and that, instead, her hours were cut before she was eventually fired. The class is seeking approximately $500 million in damages as well as the implementation of new anti-harassment policies. McDonald’s issued a statement indicating that the company always wants to ensure that workers have a discrimination and harassment-free work environment.

Class action litigation can pose considerable hardships for a company. As this case shows, millions of dollars, a company’s reputation and other issues could be on the line. As a result, Florida companies facing this type of ordeal will certainly want to review their legal options to understand their best possible courses of action for handling this type of case in a favorable manner.

By : admin | April 21, 2020 | Class Action Litigation