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Disney Facing Copyright Infringement Claim Over Movie Character


Large companies can often face frivolous lawsuits from individuals or other companies. Claims can result for numerous reasons, ranging from employment violations to questionable business practices. It is also not unusual for business litigation to result over copyright infringement claims.

Florida readers may be interested in an infringement lawsuit that recently came against the Walt Disney Company. The claim involves a character from the company’s movie “Toy Story 4.” The character, Duke Caboom, is a toy that has a daredevil persona. The lawsuit claims that Disney used the likeness of Evel Knievel to create the character and that its unauthorized use is copyright infringement.

The suit comes from K&K Promotions, which reportedly owns the rights to images, publicity and likenesses of Evel Knievel, who was a stunt performer who passed away in 2007. Disney issued a statement indicating that the claims from K&K Promotions did not have any merit and that Disney would defend against the allegations in court. The report also noted that Pixar and other companies affiliated with Disney were named in the suit.

Copyright infringement can certainly harm a company, but it is not unusual for such claims to have frivolous intentions. Unfortunately, companies facing such allegations still have to defend against them in efforts to maintain their reputation and integrity as well as hopefully avoid unnecessary payouts. Florida companies facing frivolous lawsuits will certainly want to avoid any unnecessary difficulties that their businesses may have to face due to such claims. As a result, it is wise to go over available defense options.

By : admin | October 8, 2020 | Copyright Infringement