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Innie Friese

I want to take this opportunity to express my feelings about Michael Feinstein. Let me first start by saying, he has been my lawyer for the past 2 years and continues as such today.
He has proven his professionalism over and over again. He is one of the most conscientious, loyal and devoted attorneys I have ever dealt with. He is strong, determined, confident and always completes the tasks. He has been faced with many difficult situations in my case and has always resolved the issues at hand.
One of Michael’s qualities—-He is never too occupied to return a call or take the time to discuss a matter. I admire him for that, as most lawyers today are too busy or place you on the back burner for another day.
I’ve been dealing with lawyers all my life. I find that Michael is more than “a step above” in regards to the many lawyers that have crossed my path. Not only is he one of the most educated in his field, but he is a caring individual. To me that is a gift within itself. It’s not about the money, it’s in the results he can achieve. I feel he bases his honor and reputation on those words.
I am ever so grateful for his expertise and feel confident to recommend him as one of the outstanding Lawyers in the South Florida area.
Innie Friese

By : admin | October 1, 2020 |