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Appealing a court order may be necessary in business litigation

Lawsuits between businesses can be complicated to handle. Often, there is a lot at stake in such cases, and company owners and operators want to keep the best interests of their businesses at the forefront. In some cases, efforts to protect a company may mean appealing a court order.

Appeals likely after court case rules against Bayer

Though companies may try their best to handle lawsuits, the outcomes are not always in their favor. Fortunately, many Florida companies facing this type of predicament may be able to file appeals in efforts to reach a more favorable result. Of course, this process can be difficult, and it is important to have the right help.

EPA offers support to Bayer during Roundup appeals

Facing a lawsuit from consumers can be a major blow to companies. Even more significant is if the court does not rule in favor of the company. As a result, business owners may either have to handle the repercussions of the court's ruling or follow up with appeals. In some cases, appealing a negative outcome could have benefits.

Appeals move forward in Google-Oracle dispute

Throughout their years of operation, many businesses end up in disputes. Some issues can bring about more difficult scenarios than others, and it can sometimes take years and legal action to work toward favorable outcomes. In some cases, companies may need to move forward with appeals if an initial result did not work in their favor.

Appeals in the works after Johnson and Johnson ruling

When companies face accusations of wrongdoing, they can often end up in court having to defend themselves. In some cases, the initial ruling may not be favorable. Fortunately, in this type of scenario, companies can often file appeals in efforts to gain a better outcome through additional legal proceedings. 

City appeals judgment to pay subcontractors

When a court judgment does not go in one's favor, it does not necessarily have to be the end of the road. Many people, companies and other entities choose to appeal certain outcomes of cases in efforts to obtain more favorable results. Of course, the appeals process can take time and face many difficulties.

Comcast working on appeals to racial bias case approval

Though most Florida company owners know that legal claims could be filed against them, they typically still want to do their best to avoid unnecessary proceedings. As a result, if a court gives the go-ahead for a claim against a company to move forward, it is not unusual for that company to look into appeals options. Currently, Comcast is working on such a situation.

Higher courts hear appeals concerning the Florida Constitution

Just like the country, each state has its own governing document, usually a constitution, and Florida is no exception. That document gives certain powers to each part of the government -- the governor, the legislature and the judicial branches. Sometimes, a lawsuit is filed alleging that one of these branches of the state's government somehow violated the constitution. The decisions made by judges on these cases could result in appeals to the higher Florida courts.

Businesses seek appeals in hopes of blocking construction

When companies feel that their business may be negatively affected by a change in the area, they may want to take steps to prevent detrimental impacts to their operations. However, even if they take legal action, their cases might not prove successful at first. Fortunately, that does not mean that they are out of luck, because appeals can often give them additional opportunities to seek their desired results.

Appeals: BBQ restaurant hopes to overturn order about smoker

Running a business takes a lot of hard work, and it also typically involves the use of certain practices or equipment in order to keep operations going. When a business faces complaints regarding its operational practices, it could face a serious predicament. In some cases, the business may even be ordered to stop using certain equipment, and it may have to file appeals from such decisions.

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