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Construction litigation likely after woman injured by materials

Construction companies can face legal issues for any number of reasons. Some companies may not receive the pay they are owed, or a partner could unjustly back out of a deal. In some cases, they may face construction litigation if a person is injured by materials, debris or other aspects of a construction project.

Construction litigation ensues when developer pulls out of deal

Though the construction industry can be lucrative, company owners can also face numerous issues. In some cases, a prospective project could fall through even after a deal was made, and the company could face serious setbacks and financial losses. It is not unusual for construction litigation to result from this type of ordeal.

Company pursues construction litigation over lack of payment

Working in construction can have many difficulties. Some projects can be more difficult than others, and there is always the risk of accidents taking place that could leave workers seriously injured. On top of that, there is the chance that construction litigation will take place because a client did not pay.

Defects, lack of pay can lead to construction litigation

In any type of relationship, disputes are common. Even if companies create contracts in order to outline the nature of the business relationship, one or more parties may not adhere to the terms of the agreement. If this happens, it is possible for construction litigation to take place in order to resolve the issues that result.

Lack of payment leads to construction litigation

Running a company also means running into issues now and then. In some cases, a construction company that performs work for another business as part of a project may find itself in a situation where it has not been properly compensated for its services. It is not unusual for this type of problem to lead to construction litigation.

Construction litigation stems from complaints of building leaks

Running any type of company comes with the risk that clients or customers will be dissatisfied with the completed work. When it comes to construction issues, company owners, contractors, subcontractors and others involved in a project could find themselves on the receiving end of complaints. In some cases, construction litigation could result.

Construction litigation can occur over lack of payment

Construction projects can often have their ups and downs, and not just in terms of demolition and building. Some contractors may agree to work on projects only to face difficulties, such as lack of payment, that result in them having to delay work or stop completely. In some cases, construction litigation may take place in efforts to work toward owed compensation.

Defects at university stadium lead to construction litigation

When a new structure needs to be built, many companies may vie for the job. The company that lands the project may work hard to complete it and then move on to the next project. However, some companies could face legal claims and construction litigation years later if parties believe that structures suffer from defects or other issues.

Zoning concerns, other claims lead to construction litigation

Residents, business owners, patrons and numerous other people often take pride in the look and function of a particular area. This pride can also lead to a protective nature for many reasons, which means that changes to the area could face contention and possibly even lawsuits. Construction litigation is not uncommon when proposed structures do not sit well with community members.

Construction litigation hopes to stop project

Though construction projects can often bring new amenities or attractions to an area, these projects are not always met with open arms by the people in the area. In some cases, people may believe that the project will bring more negative impacts than benefits or that it will take up land or space that should be protected. If so, it is possible that companies and developers need to defend their projects in construction litigation.

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