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Real Estate Buyer Ordered to Pay $84,000 in Attorney’s Fees After South Florida Real Estate Transaction Goes South

Fort Lauderdale Real Estate Litigation Attorney

A real estate purchaser who said they were deceived about the condition and quality of a commercial real estate property now faces nearly a hundred thousand dollars in legal costs after a business real estate transaction went south. 

In the judgment, Florida Holding 4800 LLC was ordered to pay $84,200 in legal fees to the seller of the commercial property in the real estate dispute, Lauderhill Mall Investment. Although Florida Holding 4800 LLC initially brought forth legal action against Lauderhill Mall Investment for being misled about the property, the case has ended with the buyer paying more than they would have if they’d never brought forward a claim. 

The Florida Fourth District Court of Appeal delivered more disappointing news for Florida Holding 4800 LLC, ruling that Lauderhill Mall Investment has the right to seek the reimbursement of appellate fees. This means Lauderhill Mall Investment can sue again for the legal costs they incurred during the process of appealing the case. 

When Do Courts Award Attorney’s Fees? 

Attorneys’ fees will sometimes be awarded by the courts in certain cases. Although this does not happen too often, it can occur in situations where the court believes one of the parties knowingly acted in bad faith. 

This bad faith conduct can take the form of actions taken during the course of litigation or behavior that led to the filing of the lawsuit. In these cases, the court can order one party to pay the legal costs of the other.

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By : admin | May 28, 2021 | Real Estate Litigation