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Jeffrey Deville

Michael Feinstein and his firm handled a difficult situation for a client of ours that was initially created by a general contractor, by breaching its contract on a renovation speculative luxury home the client was hoping to resell, in a upscale Country Club community in Palm Beach County, by filing a Construction Lien and then filing a lawsuit against my clients Company seeking to foreclose that Lien.

My Client was facing the prospect of having to defend 2 lawsuits (1) a lawsuit by the general contractor and (2) a lawsuit to be initiated by the Investor, for foreclosure of the mortgage seeking a judgment of almost Seven Hundred Thousand Dollars ($700,000.00).

Michael was able to completely resolve both disputes with the General Contractor and the Lender, without my client being required to retain counsel to file an appearance in any legal proceedings and avoiding the lender from filing a mortgage foreclosure action.

In addition, my client was able to recover two deposits for almost $30,000.00 that the foreclosing lender blindly left on the table.

Michaels is experienced as former mortgage broker of 25 years and real estate broker of more than 35 years. Michael was able to combine his legal and business skills, to facilitate (1) resolution of both matters without litigation, (2) recover 2 deposits that my client had not anticipated getting back and (3) avoided any negative credit reporting by the Investor.

Our firm retains Feinstein Real Estate Litigation & Business Law with many of our client’s transactions during the contracting and review stages of our business practices.

Our firm highly recommends Michaels firm for any Real Estate transaction.
Jeffrey DeVille

By : admin | February 3, 2021 |