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Google Could Face Class Action Litigation Over Unequal Pay

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When a company in Florida or anywhere else in the country is accused by employees of some type of alleged wrongdoing, the manner in which the issue is handled can depend on the particulars involved. In some cases, company owners or management can hear concerns, discuss the problems and find viable solutions. In other cases, employees may feel that taking legal action is their best course of action, and that could lead to class action litigation if numerous employees feel affected.

It was recently reported that plaintiffs involved in a lawsuit against Google are seeking class action status for their claim. Apparently, four former Google employees brought the lawsuit claiming that female employees were paid less than male workers and that female employees were offered fewer benefits. This lawsuit was filed in 2017, and the request for class action status was filed at the end of July 2020.

According to the claims, women receive approximately $16,800 less in compensation than men while working at Google. One plaintiff stated that she was told that her performance and quality of her initial job interview were lower than male colleagues, which lead to lesser pay, but an evaluation document of her interview purportedly showed that she received a high score during her interview. If the request for class action status is approved, the case could represent approximately 10,800 female employees, and if the case is successful, Google could have to pay over $600 million in damages.

Class action litigation can have far-reaching effects for a company. Even if the company is successful in defending against the allegations, such lawsuits can take away from other important matters. Nonetheless, if Florida companies are facing this type of predicament, owners will certainly want to ensure that they explore their legal options thoroughly.

By : admin | August 4, 2020 | Class Action Litigation