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Appealing A Court Order May Be Necessary In Business Litigation

Lawsuits between businesses can be complicated to handle. Often, there is a lot at stake in such cases, and company owners and operators want to keep the best interests of their businesses at the forefront. In some cases, efforts to protect a company may mean appealing a court order.

Florida readers may be interested in an appeal currently underway by General Motors. GM and Fiat Chrysler have been in litigation over claims that Fiat Chrysler paid off union leaders to reduce labor costs in relation to contract negotiations. The judge involved in the case believes that it would be a waste of time and resources to continue with the case and ordered the CEO of GM and the head of Fiat Chrysler to meet without legal representation to negotiate a settlement.

GM is attempting to appeal that order, which the company claims is an abuse of power. GM also believes that the court does not have the authority to consider a properly filed lawsuit a distraction and that the order shows that the judge cannot act in an impartial manner in relation to the case. Fiat Chrysler indicated that the company was ready to comply with the judge’s order for negotiations.

Appealing a court order takes work, and it does not always have the desired outcome. However, it is often worthwhile to exhaust this option, if available, after an undesirable outcome. If Florida business owners believe that their cases have not been properly handled and are considering an appeal, they may wish to thoroughly review this option with their legal counsel.

By : admin | June 30, 2020 | Appeals