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Apple, T-Mobile Facing Class Action Litigation Over Privacy

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Businesses, especially large companies, are no stranger to lawsuits. Of course, that does not mean that they want to end up facing class action litigation every other day. Unfortunately, some clients or customers can face issues that they believe warrant such action, and companies may be put in a position to defend themselves.

Florida readers may be interested in a class action lawsuit recently filed against Apple and T-Mobile. Apparently, the companies are accused of misrepresenting the security and privacy users had because of an issue that would allow third parties to access iMessages and FaceTime calls. The initial issue reportedly stemmed from an individual’s Apple ID remaining connected to a T-Mobile SIM card even though the original user no longer had the SIM card.

SIM cards are often recycled by cellphone providers, and the Apple ID would remain attached to the recycled SIM cards. As a result, messages and FaceTime calls intended for the new recipient would instead be received by the previous owner. Apple fixed the issue in 2018, but since the issue was first discovered in 2011, the plaintiffs believe this violation of privacy has caused numerous users to become victims of security breaches. Neither company provided comment for the report.

Handling class action litigation is something that companies often prepare for. Nonetheless, the process of addressing legal claims can be long and difficult. Fortunately, if Florida business owners end up facing this type of ordeal, they can obtain assistance with handling every legal aspect from attorneys experienced in defending against such lawsuits.

By : admin | July 13, 2020 | Class Action Litigation