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Discrimination Claim Leads To Class Action Litigation

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Businesses often have to do what they can to ensure that their company operations run as smoothly as possible. Though they may feel as if they treat every worker the same, some individuals may believe that their employer is not. As a result, discrimination claims could be filed against a company, and in some cases, they could lead to class action litigation.

Florida readers may be interested in a class action lawsuit recently filed in another state. According to reports, a female employee is the lead plaintiff in the case and claims that Schlumberger, the largest oil field services company in the world, discriminates against women and provides a work environment that encourages harassment and discrimination of women. The woman started working for the company in 2016 as a measurements-while-drilling field engineer and moved to different locations depending on staffing needs.

The employee claims that she faced sexual harassment in the male-dominated work environment and that she had to share a bedroom with male co-workers. At one location, the male workers purportedly encouraged each other to break into the woman’s room and sexually assault her. The suit goes on to state that complaints made to management or human resources were typically brushed off. In the report, a representative stated that the company had not been served with a lawsuit and did not provide additional comment.

Companies that face claims of discrimination can suffer serious damage to their reputations and other aspects of their business. When class action litigation is involved, they are at risk of serious financial burdens as well. If Florida company owners are having to deal with this type of scenario, they will certainly want to find their best legal options for handling the ordeal.

By : admin | July 7, 2020 | Class Action Litigation