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Consumers Want ComEd To Face Class Action Litigation

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Businesses can make mistakes in many ways. In some cases, they may participate in questionable activities because they believe those activities could benefit their companies. However, some actions could result in effects on customers that they perceive as negative, and those customers could attempt to bring class action litigation against a company.

Florida readers may be interested in a lawsuit seeking class action status that was recently filed in another state. According to reports, customers of Commonwealth Edison Co, also known as ComEd, have filed the suit after learning that the company admitted to participating in a bribery scheme, which allegedly involved favoring friends of Democratic House Speaker Michael Madigan when it came to jobs and contracts. The scheme would purportedly benefit ComEd by giving the company favorable treatment regarding certain legislation. The company paid a $200 million fine after admitting its participation.

Customers of ComEd believe that the company should compensate them for the rate increases that allegedly occurred in relation to the bribery scheme. Several individuals and businesses are currently participating in the lawsuit and believe that ComEd gained approximately $150 million from rate increases. ComEd issued a statement indicating that despite improper conduct in the past, they do not believe that consumers were harmed by the passing of the legislation that led to higher electricity bills.

It can be difficult for companies to admit that they participated in questionable actions, but it does not mean that those actions warrant additional litigation. Still, if clients or customers believe that class action litigation suits a particular scenario, the company in question will still have to take steps to defend against the claims. If Florida companies are facing this type of legal issue, they will certainly want to find their most viable routes for protecting their companies’ interests.

By : admin | July 29, 2020 | Class Action Litigation