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Google Facing Class Action Litigation Over Incognito Mode Privacy

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Most people in Florida and across the country connect to the internet on a daily basis. Going online often means that bits of personal information and activity are collected by various sites. Even if users do not give explicit permission for the collection of data, it can still happen. Some individuals may have believed that using Google Chrome’s incognito mode would prevent the tracking of activity, but that is not the case. Still, this apparent misunderstanding has resulted in class action litigation against Google.

The browser’s incognito mode allows individuals to browse the internet without having the browsing history, form information, cookies and site data saved within the browser. However, using this mode does not completely eliminate data collection. Even in incognito mode, websites could still gather information, employers could still see activity on workplace computers and internet service providers could also review the activity.

Google says that it has been upfront with its users about data collection while using incognito mode as the opening page lists the third parties that could still access browsing information. Still, some users believe that they were intentionally misled about the privacy of incognito mode. At the time of the report, three plaintiffs were associated with the class action lawsuit.

Class action litigation is not uncommon regarding businesses, especially large companies like Google. Still, if Florida business owners are facing this type of ordeal over a misunderstanding with clients or customers, they will certainly want to do their best to defend against any allegations they face. Going over their legal options with their legal counsel could help them find their best courses of action.

By : admin | June 9, 2020 | Class Action Litigation