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Lawsuit Comes Against DoorDash For Misinforming Patrons

The food delivery industry seems to be booming as various companies offer services solely for taking orders, picking up meals from restaurants and making deliveries. Many people in Florida and across the country take advantage of these services to avoid having to go out or to still get their food from their favorite restaurants that may only be offering take out or delivery. However, some restaurant owners are not too happy with how some services address their locations, which recently led to a lawsuit.

Reports stated that a restaurant owner in another state has filed a lawsuit against DoorDash for misrepresenting the restaurant in its app. Apparently, Lona’s Lil Eats has been listed as too far away or closed when prospective patrons attempt to use DoorDash to order food for delivery. The restaurant does not have a partnership with DoorDash, and representatives believe that DoorDash is intentionally misinforming patrons that the restaurant as too far away or closed when that is not the case.

The claims against DoorDash include posting this incorrect information as a way to coerce restaurants into partnering with the company and, in turn, paying fees and commission. Representatives for DoorDash stated that the company is still reviewing the lawsuit. The report did note that many services like DoorDash will include non-partner locations and provide service to those locations to show restaurants the benefits of working with them.

Feeling as if another company is intentionally sabotaging the chances of bringing in customers can be a significant blow. If Florida company owners believe that they are being subjected to such unfair practices by outside parties, they may want to determine whether the other parties are violating business-related laws. As this case shows, a lawsuit could be necessary to address this type of wrongdoing and to preserve the interests of a company.

By : admin | September 29, 2020 | Business Litigation