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Litigated Closed-Down Golf Course in Palm Beach Residential Area Sells for $33M

A closed-down golf course in Boca Raton has sold for $33M after years of being mired in litigation. The Mizner Trail Golf Club was purchased by a West Palm Beach County real estate company that may build additional residential homes on the land after leveling the golf course. 

Residents Fighting Against Redevelopment 

The 125-acre golf course was the subject of heated litigation on both sides as residents surrounding the area fought against the redevelopment of the course for many years. They introduced lawsuits to halt development on the property, however, lost in 2014 when a Palm Beach County commission approved the area for redevelopment. However, it wasn’t until the end of 2019 that the golf course sold. 

Meeting New Housing Needs 

Housing trends in Florida are heading towards easy-to-build, single-family homes that can be rented and are simple to maintain and revamp in between tenants. The Mizner Trail Golf Club will likely be used as land for these new types of rentals, despite the disapproval of nearby residents. It is unknown if this is the confirmed plan for the property though, and construction may not begin for some time. 

As the need for housing in Florida continues to grow, more areas like this shuttered golf course may be sold for redevelopment into functional spaces that can provide homes to residents in need. 

Are You Involved in Real Estate Litigation? Get Legal Help Now 

If you’re interested in acquiring or developing a property and are facing opposition from residents or businesses in the area, it’s important that you have adequate legal representation throughout the process. Not only do you want to make sure that your best interests are protected, you also want to be confident that you’re abiding by all zoning and development laws. 

Without the help of an experienced real estate litigation attorney, you may lose more than just time and money. Your reputation is also at stake, so it’s critical that you act quickly and consistently. 

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By : admin | January 27, 2021 | Construction Litigation