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McDonald’s Facing Class Action Litigation Over Sexual Harassment

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It is not uncommon for employers to face issues with their employees. In some cases, employees may make claims against their employers for perceived wrongdoing, and it is possible for class action litigation to stem from certain complaints. In fact, it was recently reported that McDonald’s is facing this situation over accusations of systemic sexual harassment.

The class action lawsuit was recently filed in Florida, and two women are the lead plaintiffs in the case that is representing approximately 5,000 women who have worked for McDonald’s since 2016. The women claim that they and other women on the job were subjected to groping and other physical assaults as well as sexual comments from co-workers. One woman also stated that she faced harassment from customers.

The complaint further alleges that a manager did not properly address the woman’s complaints regarding the harassment and that, instead, her hours were cut before she was eventually fired. The class is seeking approximately $500 million in damages as well as the implementation of new anti-harassment policies. McDonald’s issued a statement indicating that the company always wants to ensure that workers have a discrimination and harassment-free work environment.

Class action litigation can pose considerable hardships for a company. As this case shows, millions of dollars, a company’s reputation and other issues could be on the line. As a result, Florida companies facing this type of ordeal will certainly want to review their legal options to understand their best possible courses of action for handling this type of case in a favorable manner.

By : admin | April 21, 2020 | Class Action Litigation