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Seeking Beneficial Outcomes To Construction Disputes


When a Florida business is involved in a construction dispute, the main objective should be to reach a beneficial resolution in a timely manner. Construction of a commercial building can be a lengthy and stressful process, and it does always go as planned. There are many reasons why construction disputes can happen, and it may be necessary to resort to litigation to resolve the problem.

Every party involved in a construction dispute will want to protect their financial interests above all else. A construction company or third party will likely be unwilling to admit fault for a problem with your project. It may be necessary to go through a lengthy investigative period in order to figure out exactly what happened, what issues are affecting the integrity of the project and which party is responsible for addressing it.

Types of disputes

Construction is a long process, and there are often several third parties and contractors involved in certain aspects of it. For example, your business may hire a specific construction company for your project, but they may work with a third-party electrician on certain projects. The problem can lie in various aspects of the process. Some of the most common types of construction disputes include: 

  • Disputes over the specifications or interpretation of the specifications
  • Disputes over the scope of the work expected
  • Disputes between contractor and subcontractor
  • Disputes regarding the scope of work performed by subcontracted parties
  • Disputes over subcontractor substitution
  • Disputes over construction defects and the quality of the finished product

In some cases, a civil claim may be the most appropriate way to address a problem related to a construction defect or work performed. It may be necessary to sue for breach of contract, liability, breach of warranty and more. The remedies available depend on the individual situation, but they may include damages, compensation for losses or simply fixing the problem. 

Protecting your business interests

Your priority should be to find a way to address the issues with your construction project in a way that will be beneficial long term. It may be necessary to litigate, but sometimes out-of-court methods are a sufficient way to resolve the dispute. Regardless of how you approach it, it is beneficial to work with an attorney at every step.

There is a lot on the line for your company, but you do not have to navigate it alone. A legal ally with experience in real estate disputes and construction law can help your company save time and preserve long-term financial interests.

By : admin | September 11, 2020 | Contract Disputes