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Construction Litigation Results After Nonpayment

With any business, it is important to get paid. Business owners and operators need the funds provided by clients and customers in order to keep their doors open. As a result, when a construction company does not receive payment for services, it can cause major hindrances. In some cases, it may be necessary to move forward with construction litigation if a client does not pay.

Florida readers may be interested in such a case currently underway in another area. According to reports, a construction company has filed suit against a university after completing a housing project for the university. Though the company was a subcontractor involved in the project, it desired direct contact with the university and other parties involved in the project.

The company completed the changes to the doors, windows and cabinets as requested and sent an invoice to the university for $542,684. The report did not mention when the company completed its portion of the project, but it had not yet received payment for those services or the retainage funds. As a result, the company has filed suit against the university, which did not provide a comment for the report.

It can be frustrating for companies to have to essentially hunt down payment for projects that they complete. As this case shows, that hunting may not always go well, and it can take additional action to work toward obtaining funds owed to the company. Construction litigation may be necessary if Florida companies are facing issues of nonpayment for completed projects or other services, and understanding their legal options may be vital to such scenarios.

By : admin | May 11, 2020 | Construction Litigation